Recent publications

How do children with severe underweight and wasting respond to treatment? A pooled secondary data analysis to inform future intervention studies.Odei Obeng-Amoako GA, Stobaugh H, Wrottesley SV, Khara T, Binns P, Trehan I, Black RE, Webb P, Mwangome M, Bailey J, Bahwere P, Dolan C, Boyd E, Briend A, Myatt MA, Lelijveld N
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Measuring patient engagement with HIV care in sub-Saharan Africa: a scoping study.Keene CM, Ragunathan A, Euvrard J, English M, McKnight J, Orrell C
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Rethinking benefit sharing in collaborative human genetic research from an Afrocommunitarian perspective.Ewuoso C, Sudoi A, Kamuya D
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Evaluating the effects of supplementing ward nurses on quality of newborn care in Kenyan neonatal units: protocol for a prospective workforce intervention study.Imam A, Gathara D, Aluvaala J, Maina M, English M
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The hidden financial burden of healthcare: a systematic literature review of informal payments in Sub-Saharan Africa.Kabia E, Goodman C, Balabanova D, Muraya K, Molyneux S, Barasa E
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Complement-mediated serum bactericidal activity of antibodies elicited by the Shigella sonnei GMMA vaccine in adults from a shigellosis-endemic country: Exploratory analysis of a Phase 2a randomized study.Kapulu MC, Nakakana U, Sciré AS, Sarakinou E, Conti V, Rossi O, Acquaviva A, Necchi F, Obiero CW, Martin LB, Bejon P, Njuguna P, Micoli F, Podda A
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