Health Systems

Our vision is to improve the service delivery of health care and the systems in which health care is delivered. We are examining the delivery of care by health services (using a “learning health systems” approach), working in health economics on the policy decisions made regarding universal health care coverage and examining the broader governance and social issues regarding the operation of health facilities (using a “learning sites” approach).

Learning Health Systems

The learning health systems are led from Nairobi. We have developed the critical collaborations with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, Kenyan Paediatric Association and a network of 14 hospitals participating in a clinical information network to support the evolution of a learning health system in Kenya. This will facilitate collecting data on 35,000 paediatric admissions and 5,000 neonatal admissions per year across the network. Our plans will be supported by research on health informatics, governance, trial methodology and ethics in partnership with policy makers, managers and patients.

Health Economics

The health economics research unit will carry out research aimed at informing policy choices and debates on health systems reforms for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Kenya. KWTRP researchers in health economics have established close working relationships with the Kenyan Ministry of Health to explore key health financing questions aimed at providing the evidence base for policymaking for UHC.

Learning Sites

Learning sites are an innovative approach to conducting action research regarding health systems where the health managers are active participants in the research and in the selection of research questions. We will examine the micro-processes of governance, local level innovation, quality of care, patient responsiveness and access to care in Kilifi and rapidly scale this work up to three counties in Kenya.

In addition we work on case management with a particular focus on the use of SMS reminders to support adherence and management standards. In addition our scientists work on research ethics across a range of other areas in the programme.