Recent publications

Recurrent spontaneous Escherichia coli meningitis in an adult: a case report.Amulele AV, Ong'ayo G, Arara AM, Machanja EW, Etyang A, Aliyan NA, Wareham DW, Berkley JA, Gordon NC
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Political economy analysis of sub-national health sector planning and budgeting: A case study of three counties in Kenya.Tsofa B, Waweru E, Munywoki J, Soe K, Rodriguez DC, Koon AD
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2023). 3:e0001401

Development of a small and sick newborn clinical audit tool and its implementation guide using a human-centred design approach newborn clinical audit process and design.Ogola M, Wainaina J, Muinga N, Kimani W, Muriithi M, Aluvaala J, English M, Irimu G
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Microbiota and growth among infants and children in low-income and middle-income settings.Njunge JM, Walson JL
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Geographic accessibility and hospital competition for emergency blood transfusion services in Bungoma, Western Kenya.Mumo E, Agutu NO, Moturi AK, Cherono A, Muchiri SK, Snow RW, Alegana VA
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Causes of death identified in neonates enrolled through Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS), December 2016 -December 2021.Mahtab S, Madhi SA, Baillie VL, Els T, Thwala BN, Onyango D, Tippet-Barr BA, Akelo V, Igunza KA, Omore R, Arifeen SE, Gurley ES, Alam M, Chowdhury AI, Rahman A, Bassat Q, Mandomando I, Ajanovic S, Sitoe A, Varo R, Sow SO, Kotloff KL, Badji H, Tapia MD, Traore CB, Ogbuanu IU, Bunn J, Luke R, Sannoh S, Swarray-Deen A, Assefa N, Scott JAG, Madrid L, Marami D, Fentaw S, Diaz MH, Martines RB, Breiman RF, Madewell ZJ, Blau DM, Whitney CG, Champs Consortium
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2023). 3:e0001612

Understanding the treatment burden of people with chronic conditions in Kenya: A cross-sectional analysis using the Patient Experience with Treatment and Self-Management (PETS) questionnaire.Koros H, Nolte E, Kamano J, Mugo R, Murphy A, Naanyu V, Willis R, Pliakas T, Eton DT, Barasa E, Perel P
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Stunting of Growth in Developing Countries.Kathembe J, Tapkigen J, Mwangome MK, Prentice AM, Nabwera HM
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Understanding networks in low-and middle-income countries' health systems: A scoping review.Kalaris K, Wong G, English M
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2023). 3:e0001387

Development and validation of a diagnostic aid for convulsive epilepsy in sub-Saharan Africa: a retrospective case-control study.Jones GD, Kariuki SM, Ngugi AK, Mwesige AK, Masanja H, Owusu-Agyei S, Wagner R, Cross JH, Sander JW, Newton CR, Sen A, EPInA Study Group
Lancet Digit Health, (2023). 5:e185-e193

The Effect of the Shikamana Peer-and-Provider Intervention on Depressive Symptoms, Alcohol Use, and Other Drug Use Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in Kenya.Graff NR, Hong C, Guthrie B, Micheni M, Chirro O, Wahome E, van der Elst E, Sanders EJ, Simoni JM, Graham SM
AIDS Behav, (2023). :

Interleukin-6 inhibitors in non-COVID-19 ARDS: analyzing the past to step into the post-COVID-19 era.Gandini L, Fior G, Schibler A, Obonyo NG, Li Bassi G, Suen JY, Fraser JF
Crit Care, (2023). 27:124

Characterization of tungiasis infection and morbidity using thermography in Kenya revealed higher disease burden during COVID-19 school closures.Elson L, Matharu AK, Riithi N, Ouma P, Mutebi F, Feldmeier H, Krucken J, Fillinger U
Infect Dis Poverty, (2023). 12:24

A systematic review of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) prevalence and genotypes in Kenya: Data to inform clinical care and health policy.Downs LO, Campbell C, Yonga P, Githinji G, Ansari MA, Matthews PC, Etyang AO
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2023). 3:e0001165

A multivariate joint model to adjust for random measurement error while handling skewness and correlation in dietary data in an epidemiologic study of mortality.Agogo GO, Muchene L, Orindi B, Murphy TE, Mwambi H, Allore HG
Ann Epidemiol, (2023). :

Improving in-patient neonatal data quality as a pre-requisite for monitoring and improving quality of care at scale: A multisite retrospective cohort study in Kenya.Tuti T, Aluvaala J, Chelangat D, Mbevi G, Wainaina J, Mumelo L, Wairoto K, Mochache D, Irimu G, Maina M, Clinical Information Network Group, English M
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2022). 2:e0000673

Health seeking behaviors and childcare patterns in an informal settlement of Nairobi, Kenya: A cross-sectional study.Ssewanyana D, Zhang L, Martin MC, Proulx K, Malti T, Abubakar A, Angwenyi V, Kabue M, Marangu J, Odhiambo R, Njoroge E, Ombech E, Mokaya MM, Obulemire EK, Moran G, Marfo K, Lye S
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Poly-drug use among female and male commercial sex workers visiting a drop in centre in Mombasa County, Kenya.Phyllys K, Ziro OW, Kissinger G, Ngari M, Budambula NLM, Budambula V
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Socioeconomic Inequity in the Screening and Treatment of Hypertension in Kenya: Evidence From a National Survey.Oyando R, Barasa E, Ataguba JE
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Geospatial mapping of timely access to inpatient neonatal care and its relationship to neonatal mortality in Kenya.Ouma PO, Malla L, Wachira BW, Kiarie H, Mumo J, Snow RW, English M, Okiro EA
PLOS Glob Public Health, (2022). 2:e0000216