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Enteric permeability, systemic inflammation and post-discharge growth among a cohort of hospitalized children in Kenya and Pakistan.Tickell KD, Denno DM, Saleem A, Ali A, Kazi Z, Singa BO, Otieno C, Mutinda C, Ochuodho V, Richardson BA, Asbjornsdottir KH, Hawes SE, Berkley JA, Walson JL
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Factors associated with poor outcomes among people living with HIV started on anti-retroviral therapy before and after implementation of "test and treat" program in Coastal Kenya.Mwamuye IC, Karanja S, Msanzu JB, Adem A, Kerich M, Ngari M
PLoS One, (2022). 17:e0270653

Treatment-seeking and recovery among young undernourished children post-hospital discharge in Bangladesh: A qualitative study.Uddin MF, Molyneux S, Muraya K, Jemutai J, Berkley JA, Walson JL, Hossain MA, Islam MA, Zakayo SM, Njeru RW, Ahmed T, Chisti MJ, Sarma H
PLoS One, (2022). 17:e0274996

Anthropometric deficits and the associated risk of death by age and sex in children aged 6-59 months: A meta-analysis.Thurstans S, Wrottesley SV, Fenn B, Khara T, Bahwere P, Berkley JA, Black RE, Boyd E, Garenne M, Isanaka S, Lelijveld N, McDonald CM, Mertens A, Mwangome M, O'Brien KS, Stobaugh H, Taneja S, West KP, Guerrero S, Kerac M, Briend A, Myatt M
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The Effects of Health Purchasing Reforms on Equity, Access, Quality of Care, and Financial Protection in Kenya: A Narrative Review.Kabia E, Kazungu J, Barasa E
Health Syst Reform, (2022). 8:2114173

Testing strategies to detect acute and prevalent HIV infection in adult outpatients seeking healthcare for symptoms compatible with acute HIV infection in Kenya: a cost-effectiveness analysis.Babigumira JB, Agutu CA, Hamilton DT, van der Elst E, Hassan A, Gichuru E, Mugo PM, Farquhar C, Ndung'u T, Sirengo M, Chege W, Goodreau SM, Sanders EJ, MGraham S
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Prevalence and factors associated with mild depressive and anxiety symptoms in older adults living with HIV from the Kenyan coast.Mwangala PN, Nasambu C, Wagner RG, Newton CR, Abubakar A
J Int AIDS Soc, (2022). 25 Suppl 4:e25977

Preeclampsia prediction with blood pressure measurements: A global external validation of the ALSPAC Kat AC, Hirst JE, Woodward M, Barros FC, Barsosio HC, Berkley JA, Carvalho M, Cheikh Ismail L, McGready R, Norris SA, Nosten F, Ohuma E, Tshivuila-Matala COO, Stones W, Staines Urias E, Clara Restrepo-Mendez M, Lambert A, Munim S, Winsey A, Papageorghiou AT, Bhutta ZA, Villar J, Kennedy SH, Peters SAE
Pregnancy Hypertens, (2022). 30:124-129

A framework for managing health research capacity strengthening consortia: addressing tensions and enhancing capacity outcomes.Tagoe N, Pulford J, Kinyanjui S, Molyneux S
BMJ Glob Health, (2022). 7:

Revealing the extent of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya based on serological and PCR-test data.Ojal J, Brand SPC, Were V, Okiro EA, Kombe IK, Mburu C, Aziza R, Ogero M, Agweyu A, Warimwe GM, Uyoga S, Adetifa IMO, Scott JAG, Otieno E, Ochola-Oyier LI, Agoti CN, Kasera K, Amoth P, Mwangangi M, Aman R, Ng'ang'a W, Tsofa B, Bejon P, Barasa E, Keeling MJ, Nokes DJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2021). 6:127

Neurodevelopment and Recovery From Wasting.Babikako HM, Bourdon C, Mbale E, Aber P, Birabwa A, Chimoyo J, Voskuijl W, Kazi Z, Massara P, Mukisa J, Mupere E, Nampijja M, Saleem AF, Uebelhoer LS, Bandsma R, Walson JL, Berkley JA, Lancioni C, Gladstone M, van den Heuvel M
Pediatrics, (2022). :

Understanding the institutions of domestic health financing decisions: Insights from immunization services in three low- and middle-income countries..Archer RA, Buffardi AL, Cole L, Hadley S, Hart T, Mustapha S, Tsofa B
ODI Working paper, (2022). :

Combining school-catchment area models with geostatistical models for analysing school survey data from low-resource settings: Inferential benefits and limitations.Macharia PM, Ray N, Gitonga CW, Snow RW, Giorgi E
Spat Stat, (2022). 51:100679

Risk factors for pneumococcal carriage in adults living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy in the infant pneumococcal vaccine era in Malawi.Thindwa D, Mwalukomo TS, Msefula J, Jambo KC, Brown C, Kamng'ona A, Mwansambo C, Ojal J, Flasche S, French N, Heyderman RS, Swarthout TD
AIDS, (2022). :

Improving facility-based care: eliciting tacit knowledge to advance intervention design.English M, Nzinga J, Oliwa J, Maina M, Oluoch D, Barasa E, Irimu G, Muinga N, Vincent C, McKnight J
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Analysis of var Gene Transcription Pattern Using DBLalpha Tags.Andisi KC, Abdi AI
Methods Mol Biol, (2022). 2470:173-184

Epidemiological impact and cost-effectiveness analysis of COVID-19 vaccination in Kenya.Orangi S, Ojal J, Brand SP, Orlendo C, Kairu A, Aziza R, Ogero M, Agweyu A, Warimwe GM, Uyoga S, Otieno E, Ochola-Oyier LI, Agoti CN, Kasera K, Amoth P, Mwangangi M, Aman R, Ng'ang'a W, Adetifa IM, Scott JAG, Bejon P, Keeling MJ, Flasche S, Nokes DJ, Barasa E
BMJ Glob Health, (2022). 7:

Differences in epidemiology of enteropathogens in children pre- and post-rotavirus vaccine introduction in Kilifi, coastal Kenya.Agoti CN, Curran MD, Murunga N, Ngari M, Muthumbi E, Lambisia AW, Frost SDW, Blacklaws BA, Nokes DJ, Drumright LN
Gut Pathog, (2022). 14:32

External validation of inpatient neonatal mortality prediction models in high-mortality settings.Tuti T, Collins G, English M, Clinical Information Network, Aluvaala J
BMC Med, (2022). 20:236

A systematic review of clinical, epidemiological and demographic predictors of tuberculosis in children with pneumonia.Kazi S, Corcoran H, Abo YN, Graham H, Oliwa J, Graham SM, ARIReview group
J Glob Health, (2022). 12:10010