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Celebrating Women in ICT; Connected Girls, Creating Brighter Futures

“I have always been fascinated by technology and was always one of the few females in all my classes while in school,” says Kathreen Wafula, an ICT Support Technician here in Kilifi. She joins a strong team of techies and is one of the 4 women in the department.The International Girl’s in ICT day is […]
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The Acting Director General, KEMRI, has appointed Dr. Joseph Mwangangi as the Acting Deputy Director In-charge-Centre for Geographic Medicine Research – Coast. Dr Mwangangi is a Senior Principal Research Scientist and takes over from Dr. Benjamin Tsofa who has served as the Deputy Director for 6 years.
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UK High Commissioner’s Visit

We hosted Her Excellency, Jane Marriot, UK High Commissioner in Kenya. The visit provided an opportunity for our researchers to share their experiences using their research expertise in responding to emerging health issues. Present was KEMRI board Chair, Dr. Daniel Musyoka and Ag. Director General, Prof. Sam Kariuki. KEMRI boasts of a robust research & […]
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Malaria Control reduces Iron Deficiency

Researchers have found that malaria-control may be an effective strategy for reducing the burden of iron deficiency in African children. The analyses led by Prof Sarah Atkinson and Dr John Muriuki suggest that interventions that halve the risk of malaria would reduce the burden of iron deficiency by approximately 50% in African children. Malaria is […]
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Women in Science

KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme prides itself as one of the most diversified work settings in Kenya and the region. Over the years the Programme has deliberately sought to ensure equal opportunities for all people, by embracing diversity and inclusion at the workplace and adopting one of the most progressive work cultures in the region. This […]
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Community and Public Engagement at the KEMRI Wellcome Research Programme

Read more about our Community and Public Engagement Strategy here: https://kemri-wellcome.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Community-and-Publication-Engagement-brief.pdf
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Policy Brief – Projections of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Following Schools Reopening

Summary We applied models that predicted the pattern of the first peak of COVID-19 cases in late July 2020 but did not predict the second peak in November 2020. The peak in November 2020 can be explained by now adding to the model: a) data that has become available on negative test numbers; b) an […]
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Receiving and Responding to Community Feedback During Health System Crises: Lessons from Early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response in Kilifi County

Health system responsiveness, defined as how the health system reacts to input from the public or citizens is one of the goals of the health system alongside fairness in financing and health service outcomes. Listening to and responding to public inputs and feedback can lead to a health system that is stronger and fairer to […]
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Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Vitamin D deficiency is an important public problem worldwide because of its link to many diseases and poor health outcomes. However, there is limited data on the vitamin D status of African populations. We aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors associated with vitamin D deficiency in Africa. To achieve this, we searched for, […]
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Knowledge brokering platform launched to support health systems in the African region

[PRESS RELEASE] Brazzaville, 23 November 2020 – The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners launched an online platform today to promote the exchange of evidence and experience across countries in the African region. By working to foster evidence-informed decision-making in an endeavor to re-engineer health service delivery, the initiative is expected to drive countries’ health […]
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