Public Engagement


Research Description:

Support from the Wellcome Trust over has facilitated the development and growth of a diverse portfolio of novel and exciting people-centered engagement activities across the KWTRP hubs. An approved monitoring and evaluation (M&E) protocol guided by our theory of change strengths our continuous learning about our engagement approaches and activities, drawing on realist reviews to inform on what works for whom and how, findings feed into use of the evidence to learn and improve the CPE practice. We have – and continue – to disseminate the findings of work both internally and  externally through peer-review journals, information briefs, engagement websites, and at Conferences. Our practice and evaluation is strengthened through consultation and recommendations from a 5-member panel of international experts. In addition to our core ‘must-do’ engagement activities , new initiatives include a radio programme dubbed ‘Jukwaa la Utafiti’ (Platform for research), a community-based magnet theatre project (, Primary school science clubs, Inspirational Book on African scientists for school going children, media engagement, and engaging University Students. To ensure community voices are incorporated into research, a Young Persons Advisory Groups (YPAGs) was formed and conducted deliberative workshops with community members on technical topics such as biobanking. Two notable inclusions into our engagement portfolio are Policy Engagement with Ministry of Health (MoH), and engagement the Kenya Pediatric Association. These new areas of engagement have been consolidated under one team lead in order to enhance coordination across the entire KWTRP Programme.. Below are links to some exciting pieces of engagement work and published data.  


External:  Local theatre groups, Radio stations, local communities

Funding: Wellcome Trust Public Engagement fund