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Tuberculous meningitis is associated with higher cerebrospinal HIV-1 viral loads compared to other HIV-1-associated meningitides.Seipone ID, Singh R, Patel VB, Singh A, Gordon ML, Muema DM, Dheda K, Ndung'u T
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0192060

"Every day they keep adding new tools but they don't take any away": Producing indicators for intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy (IPTp) from routine data in Kenya.Okello G, Gerrets R, Zakayo S, Molyneux S, Jones C
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0189699

Should first-line empiric treatment strategies cover coagulase-negative staphylococcal infections in severely malnourished or HIV-infected children in Kenya?.Obiero CW, Seale AC, Jones K, Ngari M, Bendon CL, Morpeth S, Mohammed S, Mturi N, Fegan G, Berkley JA
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0182354

The perception of disability by community groups: Stories of local understanding, beliefs and challenges in a rural part of Kenya.Bunning K, Gona JK, Newton CR, Hartley S
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0182214

Recentralization within decentralization: County hospital autonomy under devolution in Kenya.Barasa EW, Manyara AM, Molyneux S, Tsofa B
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0182440

Understanding mSOS: A qualitative study examining the implementation of a text-messaging outbreak alert system in rural Kenya.Toda M, Njeru I, Zurovac D, Kareko D, Tipo OS, Mwau M, Morita K
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0179408

Defining the vaccination window for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) using age-seroprevalence data for children in Kilifi, Kenya.Nyiro JU, Kombe IK, Sande CJ, Kipkoech J, Kiyuka PK, Onyango CO, Munywoki PK, Kinyanjui TM, Nokes DJ
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0177803

Clinical laboratory reference values amongst children aged 4 weeks to 17 months in Kilifi, Kenya: A cross sectional observational study.Gitaka J, Ogwang C, Ngari M, Akoo P, Olotu A, Kerubo C, Fegan G, Njuguna P, Nyakaya G, Otieno T, Mwambingu G, Awuondo K, Lowe B, Chilengi R, Berkley JA
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0177382

Proportions of circulating follicular helper T cells are reduced and correlate with memory B cells in HIV-infected children.Muema DM, Macharia GN, Olusola BA, Hassan AS, Fegan GW, Berkley JA, Urban BC, Nduati EW
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0175570

A mixed methods approach to adapting and evaluating the functional assessment of HIV infection (FAHI), Swahili version, for use with low literacy populations.Nyongesa MK, Sigilai A, Hassan AS, Thoya J, Odhiambo R, Van de Vijver FJ, Newton CR, Abubakar A
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0175021

High prevalence of curable sexually transmitted infections among pregnant women in a rural county hospital in Kilifi, Kenya.Masha SC, Wahome E, Vaneechoutte M, Cools P, Crucitti T, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0175166

Uptake and Acceptability of Oral HIV Self-Testing among Community Pharmacy Clients in Kenya: A Feasibility Study.Mugo PM, Micheni M, Shangala J, Hussein MH, Graham SM, Rinke de Wit TF, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0170868

Safety, Immunogenicity and Efficacy of Prime-Boost Vaccination with ChAd63 and MVA Encoding ME-TRAP against Plasmodium falciparum Infection in Adults in Senegal.Mensah VA, Gueye A, Ndiaye M, Edwards NJ, Wright D, Anagnostou NA, Syll M, Ndaw A, Abiola A, Bliss C, Gomis JF, Petersen I, Ogwang C, Dieye T, Viebig NK, Lawrie AM, Roberts R, Nicosia A, Faye B, Gaye O, Leroy O, Imoukhuede EB, Ewer KJ, Bejon P, Hill AV, Cisse B, Mvvc group
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0167951

Dengue and Chikungunya Virus Infections among Young Febrile Adults Evaluated for Acute HIV-1 Infection in Coastal Kenya.Ngoi CN, Price MA, Fields B, Bonventure J, Ochieng C, Mwashigadi G, Hassan AS, Thiong'o AN, Micheni M, Mugo P, Graham S, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0167508

Absence of Association between Cord Specific Antibody Levels and Severe Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Disease in Early Infants: A Case Control Study from Coastal Kenya.Nyiro JU, Sande CJ, Mutunga M, Kiyuka PK, Munywoki PK, Scott JA, Nokes DJ
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0166706

Sodium Disturbances in Children Admitted to a Kenyan Hospital: Magnitude, Outcome and Associated Factors.Ibinda F, Zarnack HC, Newton CR
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0161320

Adaptation and Latent Structure of the Swahili Version of Beck Depression Inventory-II in a Low Literacy Population in the Context of HIV.Abubakar A, Kalu RB, Katana K, Kabunda B, Hassan AS, Newton CR, Van de Vijver F
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0151030

Research Priorities on the Relationship between Wasting and Stunting.Angood C, Khara T, Dolan C, Berkley JA, WaSt Technical Interest Group
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0153221

Effect of Text Message, Phone Call, and In-Person Appointment Reminders on Uptake of Repeat HIV Testing among Outpatients Screened for Acute HIV Infection in Kenya: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Mugo PM, Wahome EW, Gichuru EN, Mwashigadi GM, Thiong'o AN, Prins HA, Rinke de Wit TF, Graham SM, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0153612

Pathways to Care for Critically Ill or Injured Children: A Cohort Study from First Presentation to Healthcare Services through to Admission to Intensive Care or Death.Hodkinson P, Argent A, Wallis L, Reid S, Perera R, Harrison S, Thompson M, English M, Maconochie I, Ward A
PLoS One, (2016). 11:e0145473