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Diagnostic practices and estimated burden of tuberculosis among children admitted to 13 government hospitals in Kenya: An analysis of two years' routine clinical data.Oliwa JN, Gathara D, Ogero M, van Hensbroek MB, English M, Van't Hoog A, Clinical Information Network
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0221145

Priority mental, neurological and substance use disorders in rural Kenya: Traditional health practitioners' and primary health care workers' perspectives.Bitta MA, Kariuki SM, Gona J, Abubakar A, Newton CRJC
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0220034

Mortality during treatment for tuberculosis; a review of surveillance data in a rural county in Kenya.Abdullahi OA, Ngari MM, Sanga D, Katana G, Willetts A
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0219191

Systematic review of the performance and clinical utility of point of care HIV-1 RNA testing for diagnosis and care.Agutu CA, Ngetsa CJ, Price MA, Rinke de Wit TF, Omosa-Manyonyi G, Sanders EJ, Graham SM
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0218369

Mapping access to domestic water supplies from incomplete data in developing countries: An illustrative assessment for Kenya.Yu W, Wardrop NA, Bain RES, Alegana V, Graham LJ, Wright JA
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0216923

Rapid high throughput SYBR green assay for identifying the malaria vectors Anopheles arabiensis, Anopheles coluzzii and Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles.Chabi J, Van't Hof A, N'Dri L K, Datsomor A, Okyere D, Njoroge H, Pipini D, Hadi MP, de Souza DK, Suzuki T, Dadzie SK, Jamet HP
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0215669

Anthropometry at birth and at age of routine vaccination to predict mortality in the first year of life: A birth cohort study in BukinaFaso.Mwangome M, Ngari M, Bwahere P, Kabore P, McGrath M, Kerac M, Berkley JA
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0213523

A mixed method multi-country assessment of barriers to implementing pediatric inpatient care guidelines.Tickell KD, Mangale DI, Tornberg-Belanger SN, Bourdon C, Thitiri J, Timbwa M, Njirammadzi J, Voskuijl W, Chisti MJ, Ahmed T, Shahid ASMSB, Diallo AH, Ouedrago I, Khan AF, Saleem AF, Arif F, Kazi Z, Mupere E, Mukisa J, Sukhtankar P, Berkley JA, Walson JL, Denno DM, Childhood Acute Illness Nutrition Network
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0212395

Presence, persistence and effects of pre-treatment HIV-1 drug resistance variants detected using next generation sequencing: A Retrospective longitudinal study from rural coastal Kenya.Hassan AS, Bibby DF, Mwaringa SM, Agutu CA, Ndirangu KK, Sanders EJ, Cane PA, Mbisa JL, Berkley JA
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0210559

Predicting the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on malaria in coastal Kenya.Le PVV, Kumar P, Ruiz MO, Mbogo C, Muturi EJ
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0211258

Determining predictors of sepsis at triage among children under 5 years of age in resource-limited settings: A modified Delphi process.Fung JST, Akech S, Kissoon N, Wiens MO, English M, Ansermino JM
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0211274

HIV-1 subtype diversity, transmission networks and transmitted drug resistance amongst acute and early infected MSM populations from Coastal Kenya.Hassan AS, Esbjornsson J, Wahome E, Thiong'o A, Makau GN, Price MA, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0206177

First field efficacy trial of the ChAd63 MVA ME-TRAP vectored malaria vaccine candidate in 5-17 months old infants and children.Tiono AB, Nebie I, Anagnostou N, Coulibaly AS, Bowyer G, Lam E, Bougouma EC, Ouedraogo A, Yaro JBB, Barry A, Roberts R, Rampling T, Bliss C, Hodgson S, Lawrie A, Ouedraogo A, Imoukhuede EB, Ewer KJ, Viebig NK, Diarra A, Leroy O, Bejon P, Hill AVS, Sirima SB
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0208328

Deciphering the targets of retroviral protease inhibitors in Plasmodium berghei.Onchieku NM, Mogire R, Ndung'u L, Mwitari P, Kimani F, Matoke-Muhia D, Kiboi D, Magoma G
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0201556

Reliability and validity of the World Health Organization reading standards for paediatric chest radiographs used in the field in an impact study of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine in Kilifi, Kenya.Ominde M, Sande J, Ooko M, Bottomley C, Benamore R, Park K, Ignas J, Maitland K, Bwanaali T, Gleeson F, Scott A
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0200715

Prevalence, outcome and quality of care among children hospitalized with severe acute malnutrition in Kenyan hospitals: A multi-site observational study.Gachau S, Irimu G, Ayieko P, Akech S, Agweyu A, English M, Clinical Information Network Author Group
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0197607

What capacity exists to provide essential inpatient care to small and sick newborns in a high mortality urban setting? - A cross-sectional study in Nairobi City County, Kenya.Murphy GAV, Gathara D, Abuya N, Mwachiro J, Ochola S, Ayisi R, English M, Health Services that Deliver for Newborns Expert Group
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0196585

Prediction of extended high viremia among newly HIV-1-infected persons in sub-Saharan Africa.Powers KA, Price MA, Karita E, Kamali A, Kilembe W, Allen S, Hunter E, Bekker LG, Lakhi S, Inambao M, Anzala O, Latka MH, Fast PE, Gilmour J, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0192785

Prevalence and correlates of home delivery amongst HIV-infected women attending care at a rural public health facility in Coastal Kenya.Chea SK, Mwangi TW, Ndirangu KK, Abdullahi OA, Munywoki PK, Abubakar A, Hassan AS
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0194028

Evaluation of the INTERGROWTH-21st Neurodevelopment Assessment (INTER-NDA) in 2 year-old children.Murray E, Fernandes M, Newton CRJ, Abubakar A, Kennedy SH, Villar J, Stein A
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0193406