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"I wish to remain HIV negative": Pre-exposure prophylaxis adherence and persistence in transgender women and men who have sex with men in coastal Kenya.Kimani M, van der Elst EM, Chirro O, Wahome E, Ibrahim F, Mukuria N, de Wit TFR, Graham SM, Operario D, Sanders EJ
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0244226

Burden of disease and risk factors for mortality amongst hospitalized newborns in Nigeria and Kenya.Nabwera HM, Wang D, Tongo OO, Andang'o PEA, Abdulkadir I, Ezeaka CV, Ezenwa BN, Fajolu IB, Imam ZO, Mwangome MK, Umoru DD, Akindolire AE, Otieno W, Nalwa GM, Talbert AW, Abubakar I, Embleton ND, Allen SJ, Neonatal Nutrition Network
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0244109

The winding road to health: A systematic scoping review on the effect of geographical accessibility to health care on infectious diseases in low- and middle-income countries.Hierink F, Okiro EA, Flahault A, Ray N
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0244921

Socio-economic condition and lack of virological suppression among adults and adolescents receiving antiretroviral therapy in Ethiopia.Plymoth M, Sanders EJ, Van Der Elst EM, Medstrand P, Tesfaye F, Winqvist N, Balcha T, Bjorkman P
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0244066

Clustering of health risk behaviors among adolescents in Kilifi, Kenya, a rural Sub-Saharan African setting.Ssewanyana D, Abubakar A, Newton CRJC, Otiende M, Mochamah G, Nyundo C, Walumbe D, Nyutu G, Amadi D, Doyle AM, Ross DA, Nyaguara A, Williams TN, Bauni E
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0242186

Profiles of Plasmodium falciparum infections detected by microscopy through the first year of life in Kintampo a high transmission area of Ghana.Botwe AK, Owusu-Agyei S, Asghar M, Hammar U, Oppong FB, Gyaase S, Dosoo D, Jakpa G, Boamah E, Twumasi MF, Osier F, Farnert A, Asante KP
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0240814

The relationship between facility-based malaria test positivity rate and community-based parasite prevalence.Kamau A, Mtanje G, Mataza C, Malla L, Bejon P, Snow RW
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0240058

Assessing the hospital surge capacity of the Kenyan health system in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.Barasa EW, Ouma PO, Okiro EA
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0236308

An autoencoder and artificial neural network-based method to estimate parity status of wild mosquitoes from near-infrared spectra.Milali MP, Kiware SS, Govella NJ, Okumu F, Bansal N, Bozdag S, Charlwood JD, Maia MF, Ogoma SB, Dowell FE, Corliss GF, Sikulu-Lord MT, Povinelli RJ
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0234557

Whole genome sequences of multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli isolated in a Pastoralist Community of Western Uganda: Phylogenomic changes, virulence and resistant genes.Iramiot JS, Kajumbula H, Bazira J, de Villiers EP, Asiimwe BB
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0231852

Long-term outcomes of survivors of neonatal insults: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Magai DN, Karyotaki E, Mutua AM, Chongwo E, Nasambu C, Ssewanyana D, Newton CR, Koot HM, Abubakar A
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0231947

Empowering self-help groups for caregivers of children with disabilities in Kilifi, Kenya: Impacts and their underlying mechanisms.Bunning K, Gona JK, Newton CR, Andrews F, Blazey C, Ruddock H, Henery J, Hartley S
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0229851

Simulating the council-specific impact of anti-malaria interventions: A tool to support malaria strategic planning in Tanzania.Runge M, Snow RW, Molteni F, Thawer S, Mohamed A, Mandike R, Giorgi E, Macharia PM, Smith TA, Lengeler C, Pothin E
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0228469

Anemia, micronutrient deficiencies, malaria, hemoglobinopathies and malnutrition in young children and non-pregnant women in Ghana: Findings from a national survey.Wegmuller R, Bentil H, Wirth JP, Petry N, Tanumihardjo SA, Allen L, Williams TN, Selenje L, Mahama A, Amoaful E, Steiner-Asiedu M, Adu-Afarwuah S, Rohner F
PLoS One, (2020). 15:e0228258

Equity in aid allocation and distribution: A qualitative study of key stakeholders in Northern Uganda.Chi PC, Bulage P, Ostby G
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0226612

Extending the use of the World Health Organisations' water sanitation and hygiene assessment tool for surveys in hospitals - from WASH-FIT to WASH-FAST.Maina M, Tosas-Auguet O, McKnight J, Zosi M, Kimemia G, Mwaniki P, Hayter A, Montgomery M, Schultsz C, English M
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0226548

Comparative analysis of the vaginal microbiome of pregnant women with either Trichomonas vaginalis or Chlamydia trachomatis.Masha SC, Owuor C, Ngoi JM, Cools P, Sanders EJ, Vaneechoutte M, Crucitti T, de Villiers EP
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0225545

Evaluating the foundations that help avert antimicrobial resistance: Performance of essential water sanitation and hygiene functions in hospitals and requirements for action in Kenya.Maina M, Tosas-Auguet O, McKnight J, Zosi M, Kimemia G, Mwaniki P, Schultsz C, English M
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0222922

Infestation mechanisms of two woodborer species in the mangrove Sonneratia alba J. Smith in Kenya and co-occurring endophytic fungi.Jenoh EM, de Villiers EP, de Villiers SM, Okoth S, Jefwa J, Kioko E, Kaimenyi D, Hendrickx M, Dahdouh-Guebas F, Koedam N
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0221285

"If I have a cancer, it is not my fault I am a refugee": A qualitative study with expert stakeholders on cancer care management for Syrian refugees in Jordan.Marzouk M, Kelley M, Fadhil I, Slama S, Longuere KS, Ariana P, Carson G, Marsh V
PLoS One, (2019). 14:e0222496