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In-service training for health professionals to improve care of the seriously ill newborn or child in low and middle-income countries (Review).Opiyo N, English M
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Documenting the experiences of health workers expected to implement guidelines during an intervention study in Kenyan hospitals.Nzinga J, Mbindyo P, Mbaabu L, Warira A, English M
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Contextual influences on health worker motivation in district hospitals in Kenya.Mbindyo P, Gilson L, Blaauw D, English M
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An intervention to improve paediatric and newborn care in Kenyan district hospitals: understanding the context.English M, Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Mbindyo P, Opiyo N, Ayieko P, Opondo C, Migiro S, Wamae A, Irimu G
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Examining agreement between clinicians when assessing sick children.Wagai J, Senga J, Fegan G, English M
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Behind the data: establishing the Network for Surveillance of Pneumococcal Disease in the East African Region.Amos B, Kisakye A, Makewa D, Mudhune S, Mwamtemi H, Nansera D, Ngwiri T, Wamae M, English M
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Abandoning presumptive antimalarial treatment for febrile children aged less than five years--a case of running before we can walk?.English M, Reyburn H, Goodman C, Snow RW
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