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Effect of a multi-faceted quality improvement intervention on inappropriate antibiotic use in children with non-bloody diarrhoea admitted to district hospitals in Kenya.Opondo C, Ayieko P, Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Opiyo N, Irimu G, Allen E, Carpenter J, English M
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Do clinical guidelines reduce clinician dependent costs?.Kosimbei G, Hanson K, English M
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A multifaceted intervention to implement guidelines and improve admission paediatric care in Kenyan district hospitals: a cluster randomised trial.Ayieko P, Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Opondo C, Opiyo N, Migiro S, Wamae A, Mogoa W, Were F, Wasunna A, Fegan G, Irimu G, English M
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Likely health outcomes for untreated acute febrile illness in the tropics in decision and economic models; a Delphi survey.Lubell Y, Staedke SG, Greenwood BM, Kamya MR, Molyneux M, Newton PN, Reyburn H, Snow RW, D'Alessandro U, English M, Day N, Kremsner P, Dondorp A, Mbacham W, Dorsey G, Owusu-Agyei S, Maitland K, Krishna S, Newton C, Pasvol G, Taylor T, von Seidlein L, White NJ, Binka F, Mills A, Whitty CJ
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Viewpoint: Economic evaluation of package of care interventions employing clinical guidelines.Barasa EW, English M
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Getting to grips with GRADE-perspective from a low-income setting.English M, Opiyo N
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Setting research priorities to reduce almost one million deaths from birth asphyxia by 2015.Lawn JE, Bahl R, Bergstrom S, Bhutta ZA, Darmstadt GL, Ellis M, English M, Kurinczuk JJ, Lee AC, Merialdi M, Mohamed M, Osrin D, Pattinson R, Paul V, Ramji S, Saugstad OD, Sibley L, Singhal N, Wall SN, Woods D, Wyatt J, Chan KY, Rudan I
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Implementing locally appropriate guidelines and training to improve care of serious illness in Kenyan hospitals: a story of scaling-up (and down and left and right).English M, Wamae A, Nyamai R, Bevins B, Irimu G
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What clinical signs best identify severe illness in young infants aged 0-59 days in developing countries? A systematic review.Opiyo N, English M
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The district hospital, Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries..English M, Lanata CF, Ngugi I, Smith PC
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Computer aided learning to link evidence to paediatric learning and practice: a pilot in a medical school in a low income setting.Sengaa J, Ndiritua M, Osundwaa J, Irimua G, English M
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Oxygen is an essential medicine: a call for international action.Duke T, Graham SM, Cherian MN, Ginsburg AS, English M, Howie S, Peel D, Enarson PM, Wilson IH, Were W
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An increase in the burden of neonatal admissions to a rural district hospital in Kenya over 19 years.Mwaniki MK, Gatakaa HW, Mturi FN, Chesaro CR, Chuma JM, Peshu NM, Mason L, Kager P, Marsh K, English M, Berkley JA, Newton CR
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Attracting and retaining health workers in rural areas: investigating nurses' views on rural posts and policy interventions.Mullei K, Mudhune S, Wafula J, Masamo E, English M, Goodman C, Lagarde M, Blaauw D
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Policy interventions that attract nurses to rural areas: a multicountry discrete choice experiment.Blaauw D, Erasmus E, Pagaiya N, Tangcharoensathein V, Mullei K, Mudhune S, Goodman C, English M, Lagarde M
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In-service training for health professionals to improve care of the seriously ill newborn or child in low and middle-income countries (Review).Opiyo N, English M
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