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Prof. Charles Mbogo

Principal Investigator


Charles is a public Health entomologist with over 30 years-experience in the conduct of entomological research in Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea. He has extensive field and population-based experience in disciplines such as vector biology and ecology, malaria epidemiology and Integrated Vector Management (IVM) approaches and interventions. His research interests include the ecology and behaviour of mosquitoes and other disease vectors, disease transmission dynamics and control of vector-borne diseases, and development and design of new vector control. He has worked on the large-scale evaluation of insecticide-treated bednets, multi-country insecticide resistance monitoring and evaluation, and integrated vector management (IVM) strategies and contributed immensely to the advancement of science in vector control. Charles has conducted several trainings on IVM for the countries in the East and Southern Africa. With the long-term goal being to establish a foundation for designing and implementing novel new vector strategies targeting disease vectors. He is committed to developing science capacity in Africa and so far, he has supervised and mentored over 10 PhDs and 17 master students. He is widely published in internationally peer reviewed journals and has over 140 publications.