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Systemic inflammation and metabolic disturbances underlie inpatient mortality among ill children with severe malnutrition.Wen B, Njunge JM, Bourdon C, Gonzales GB, Gichuki BM, Lee D, Wishart DS, Ngari M, Chimwezi E, Thitiri J, Mwalekwa L, Voskuijl W, Berkley JA, Bandsma RH
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Randomised controlled trial of Fosfomycin in Neonatal Sepsis..Obiero C, Williams P, Berkley JA
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Randomised controlled trial of Fosfomycin in Neonatal Sepsis..Obiero C, Williams P, Berkley JA
Global Health Security Conference 2022, (2022). :

Toll-Like Receptor-Induced Immune Responses During Early Childhood and Their Associations With Clinical Outcomes Following Acute Illness Among Infants in Sub-Saharan Africa.Uebelhoer LS, Gwela A, Thiel B, Nalukwago S, Mukisa J, Lwanga C, Getonto J, Nyatichi E, Dena G, Makazi A, Mwaringa S, Mupere E, Berkley JA, Lancioni CL
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Strengthening the role of community health workers in supporting the recovery of ill, undernourished children post hospital discharge: qualitative insights from key stakeholders in Bangladesh and Kenya.Njeru RW, Uddin MF, Zakayo SM, Sanga G, Charo A, Islam MA, Hossain MA, Kimani M, Mwadhi MK, Ogutu M, Chisti MJ, Ahmed T, Walson JL, Berkley JA, Jones C, Theobald S, Muraya K, Sarma H, Molyneux S
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Anthropometric Criteria for Identifying Infants Under 6 Months of Age at Risk of Morbidity and Mortality: A Systematic Review.Hoehn C, Lelijveld N, Mwangome M, Berkley JA, McGrath M, Kerac M
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Predicting the risk of mortality during hospitalization in sick severely malnourished children using daily evaluation of key clinical warning signs.Wen B, Brals D, Bourdon C, Erdman L, Ngari M, Chimwezi E, Potani I, Thitiri J, Mwalekwa L, Berkley JA, Bandsma RHJ, Voskuijl W
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Population-level faecal metagenomic profiling as a tool to predict antimicrobial resistance in Enterobacterales isolates causing invasive infections: An exploratory study across Cambodia, Kenya, and the UK.Auguet OT, Niehus R, Gweon HS, Berkley JA, Waichungo J, Njim T, Edgeworth JD, Batra R, Chau K, Swann J, Walker SA, Peto TEA, Crook DW, Lamble S, Turner P, Cooper BS, Stoesser N
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Vulnerability, Agency, and the Research Encounter: Family Members' Experiences and Perceptions of Participating in an Observational Clinical Study in Kenya.Zakayo SM, Kimani MN, Sanga G, Njeru R, Charo A, Berkley JA, Walson JL, Kelley M, Marsh V, Molyneux S
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Fetal cranial growth trajectories are associated with growth and neurodevelopment at 2 years of age: INTERBIO-21st Fetal Study.Villar J, Gunier RB, Tshivuila-Matala COO, Rauch SA, Nosten F, Ochieng R, Restrepo-Mendez MC, McGready R, Barros FC, Fernandes M, Carrara VI, Victora CG, Munim S, Craik R, Barsosio HC, Carvalho M, Berkley JA, Cheikh Ismail L, Norris SA, Ohuma EO, Stein A, Lambert A, Winsey A, Uauy R, Eskenazi B, Bhutta ZA, Papageorghiou AT, Kennedy SH
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Association Between Preterm-Birth Phenotypes and Differential Morbidity, Growth, and Neurodevelopment at Age 2 Years: Results From the INTERBIO-21st Newborn Study.Villar J, Restrepo-Mendez MC, McGready R, Barros FC, Victora CG, Munim S, Papageorghiou AT, Ochieng R, Craik R, Barsosio HC, Berkley JA, Carvalho M, Fernandes M, Cheikh Ismail L, Lambert A, Norris SA, Ohuma EO, Stein A, Tshivuila-Matala COO, Zondervan KT, Winsey A, Nosten F, Uauy R, Bhutta ZA, Kennedy SH
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Benefits of enhanced infection prophylaxis at antiretroviral therapy initiation by cryptococcal antigen status.Pett SL, Spyer M, Haddow LJ, Nhema R, Benjamin LA, Najjuka G, Bilima S, Daud I, Musoro G, Kitabalwa J, Selemani G, Kandie S, Cornelius KM, Katemba C, Berkley JA, Hassan AS, Kityo C, Hakim J, Heyderman RS, Gibb DM, Walker AS, REALITY trial team
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Clinical features to distinguish meningitis among young infants at a rural Kenyan hospital.Obiero CW, Mturi N, Mwarumba S, Ngari M, Newton C, Boele van Hensbroek M, Berkley JA
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Systemic inflammation is negatively associated with early post discharge growth following acute illness among severely malnourished children - a pilot study.Njunge JM, Gonzales GB, Ngari MM, Thitiri J, Bandsma RHJ, Berkley JA
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Plasma calprotectin as a biomarker of mortality at antiretroviral treatment initiation in advanced HIV - pilot study.Kamau FW, Gwela A, Nyerere AK, Riitho V, Njunge JM, Ngari MM, Prendergast AJ, Berkley JA
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Excess mortality among people with podoconiosis: secondary analysis of two Ethiopian cohorts.Masraf H, Azemeraw T, Molla M, Jones CI, Bremner S, Ngari M, Berkley JA, Kivaya E, Fegan G, Tamiru A, Kelemework A, Lang T, Newport MJ, Davey G
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