Clinical Research

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Prof. Kathryn Maitland

Principal Investigator


Kath Maitland's research excellence spans the entire translational cycle; from the bench through to clinical investigation and ultimately change in clinical practice and healthcare policy. In the challenging environment of the rural hospital emergency rooms in Africa, her team has conducted high-quality physiological studies and clinical trials generating the essential evidence base for patient management and informing both national and international policy. She has led large multicentre trials examining key supportive treatments for critically sick children including the ground-breaking fluid resuscitation (FEAST) and transfusion (TRACT) trials both bring new high-quality evidence leading to refinements of the guidelines. The childrens oxygen strategy trial (COAST) brought new understanding in oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation strategies. She is a Professor of Paediatric Tropical Infectious Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine and Director of the ICCARE Centre at the Global Centre of Health Innovation, Imperial College, London and an Honorary Fellow at MRC Clinical Trials Unit, University College, London.