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Dr Eunice Nduati

Principal Investigator


Assessment of a diverse panel of transmitted/founder HIV-1 infectious molecular clones in a luciferase based CD8 T-cell mediated viral inhibition assay.
Fernandez, N., Hayes, P., Makinde, J., Hare, J., King, D., Xu, R., Rehawi, O., Mezzell, A. T., Kato, L., Mugaba, S., Serwanga, J., Chemweno, J., Nduati, E., Price, M. A., Osier, F., Ochsenbauer, C., Yue, L., Hunter, E., Gilmour, J.
Front Immunol, (2022). 13:1029029

Serum immunoglobulin G and mucosal immunoglobulin A antibodies from prepandemic samples collected in Kilifi, Kenya, neutralize SARS-CoV-2 in vitro.
Nyagwange, J., Kutima, B., Mwai, K., Karanja, H. K., Gitonga, J. N., Mugo, D., Sein, Y., Wright, D., Omuoyo, D. O., Nyiro, J. U., Tuju, J., Nokes, D. J., Agweyu, A., Bejon, P., Ochola-Oyier, L. I., Scott, J. A. G., Lambe, T., Nduati, E., Agoti, C., Warimwe, G. M.
Int J Infect Dis, (2022). 127:11-16

Atypical B cells are part of an alternative lineage of B cells that participates in responses to vaccination and infection in humans.
Sutton, H. J., Aye, R., Idris, A. H., Vistein, R., Nduati, E., Kai, O., Mwacharo, J., Li, X., Gao, X., Andrews, T. D., Koutsakos, M., Nguyen, T. H. O., Nekrasov, M., Milburn, P., Eltahla, A., Berry, A. A., Kc, N., Chakravarty, S., Sim, B. K. L., Wheatley, A. K., Kent, S. J., Hoffman, S. L., Lyke, K. E., Bejon, P., Luciani, F., Kedzierska, K., Seder, R. A., Ndungu, F. M., Cockburn, I. A.
Cell Rep, (2021). 34:108684

Coordinated Fc-effector and neutralization functions in HIV-infected children define a window of opportunity for HIV vaccination.
Nduati, E. W., Gorman, M. J., Sein, Y., Hermanus, T., Yuan, D., Oyaro, I., Muema, D. M., Ndung'u, T., Alter, G., Moore, P. L.
AIDS, (2021). 35:1895-1905

A Novel Sample Selection Approach to Aid the Identification of Factors That Correlate With the Control of HIV-1 Infection.
Makinde, J., Nduati, E. W., Freni-Sterrantino, A., Streatfield, C., Kibirige, C., Dalel, J., Black, S. L., Hayes, P., Macharia, G., Hare, J., McGowan, E., Abel, B., King, D., Joseph, S., Iavi Protocol C Investigators., Hunter, E., Sanders, E. J., Price, M., Gilmour, J.
Front Immunol, (2021). 12:634832

Malaria exposure drives both cognate and bystander human B cells to adopt an atypical phenotype.
Aye, R., Sutton, H. J., Nduati, E. W., Kai, O., Mwacharo, J., Musyoki, J., Otieno, E., Wambua, J., Bejon, P., Cockburn, I. A., Ndungu, F. M.
Eur J Immunol, (2020). 50:1187-1194

Peripheral blood mononuclear cell transcriptomes reveal an over-representation of down-regulated genes associated with immunity in HIV-exposed uninfected infants.
Musimbi, Z. D., Rono, M. K., Otieno, J. R., Kibinge, N., Ochola-Oyier, L. I., de Villiers, E. P., Nduati, E. W.
Sci Rep, (2019). 9:18124

Symptom-based Scoring for Acute Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
Sanders, E. J., Kigoro, A., Thiong'o, A., Nduati, E., Graham, S. M.
Clin Infect Dis, (2019). 69:736-737

Proportions of circulating follicular helper T cells are reduced and correlate with memory B cells in HIV-infected children.
Muema, D. M., Macharia, G. N., Olusola, B. A., Hassan, A. S., Fegan, G. W., Berkley, J. A., Urban, B. C., Nduati, E. W.
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0175570

Cytomegalovirus viraemia is associated with poor growth and T-cell activation with an increased burden in HIV-exposed uninfected infants.
Garcia-Knight, M. A., Nduati, E., Hassan, A. S., Nkumama, I., Etyang, T. J., Hajj, N. J., Gambo, F., Odera, D., Berkley, J. A., Rowland-Jones, S. L., Urban, B.
AIDS, (2017). 31:1809-1818