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Dr Eunice Nduati

Principal Investigator

Current Work

We are specifically interested in understanding differences in population immune baselines by characterizing the naïve B cell repertoire and HIV-antigen specific precursors in African populations. In addition, establishing immunogenicity testing frameworks for HIV vaccine studies. We are currently preparing for B cell and monoclonal antibody characterization for the G003 Clinical Trial that aims to use a germline targeting approach to elicit desired VRC01 class of antibodies. In addition, we are supporting immunogenicity testing (IFNg ELISPOTs) for the GREAT clinical trial (conserved Mosaic HIV-1 phase 1 Trial). As part of our research capacity strengthening agenda, I am actively involved in student supervision (interns, MSc students and Ph.D. students), mentorship and teaching immunology courses. Under the SANTHE consortium, on which I am a co-applicant, we recently received funding from the DELTAS-AESA programme and BMGF to support capacity building in the next four years. Appointments: Adjunct lecturer at Pwani University, Kilifi; member of the SANTHE Consortium Steering Committee. On-going collaborations: Dr. Daniel Muema - Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative – Institute of Clinical research (KAVI-ICR), Prof. Thumbi Ndungu - University of Kwa Zulu Natal – Africa Health Research Institute, Dr. Devin Sok/Elise Landais - Scripps Research Institute – Neutralizing Antibody Centre, Prof. Penny Moore - National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), South Africa.


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