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HIV Type 1 transmission networks among men having sex with men and heterosexuals in Kenya.Bezemer D, Faria NR, Hassan A, Hamers RL, Mutua G, Anzala O, Mandaliya K, Cane P, Berkley JA, Rinke de Wit TF, Wallis C, Graham SM, Price MA, Coutinho RA, Sanders EJ
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, (2014). 30:118-26

Low prevalence of transmitted HIV type 1 drug resistance among antiretroviral-naive adults in a rural HIV clinic in Kenya.Hassan AS, Mwaringa SM, Obonyo CA, Nabwera HM, Sanders EJ, Rinke de Wit TF, Cane PA, Berkley JA
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, (2013). 29:129-35

HIV type 1 in a rural coastal town in Kenya shows multiple introductions with many subtypes and much recombination.Hue S, Hassan AS, Nabwera H, Sanders EJ, Pillay D, Berkley JA, Cane PA
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, (2012). 28:220-4

Transmitted HIV type 1 drug resistance among individuals with recent HIV infection in East and Southern Africa.Price MA, Wallis CL, Lakhi S, Karita E, Kamali A, Anzala O, Sanders EJ, Bekker LG, Twesigye R, Hunter E, Kaleebu P, Kayitenkore K, Allen S, Ruzagira E, Mwangome M, Mutua G, Amornkul PN, Stevens G, Pond SL, Schaefer M, Papathanasopoulos MA, Stevens W, Gilmour J
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, (2011). 27:5-12

Evaluation of HIV type 1 strains in men having sex with men and in female sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya.Tovanabutra S, Sanders EJ, Graham SM, Mwangome M, Peshu N, McClelland RS, Muhaari A, Crossler J, Price MA, Gilmour J, Michael NL, McCutchan FM
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, (2010). 26:123-31