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Sociocultural perspectives on suicidal behaviour at the Coast Region of Kenya: an exploratory qualitative study.Ongeri L, Nyawira M, Kariuki SM, Theuri C, Bitta M, Penninx B, Newton CR, Tijdink J
BMJ Open, (2022). 12:e056640

Measurement characteristics and correlates of HIV-related stigma among adults living with HIV: a cross-sectional study from coastal Kenya.Wanjala SW, Nyongesa MK, Mwangi P, Mutua AM, Luchters S, Newton CRJC, Abubakar A
BMJ Open, (2022). 12:e050709

Mental health and well-being of older adults living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review.Mwangala PN, Mabrouk A, Wagner R, Newton CRJC, Abubakar AA
BMJ Open, (2021). 11:e052810

Neuropsychiatric Genetics of African Populations-Psychosis (NeuroGAP-Psychosis): a case-control study protocol and GWAS in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda.Stevenson A, Akena D, Stroud RE, Atwoli L, Campbell MM, Chibnik LB, Kwobah E, Kariuki SM, Martin AR, de Menil V, Newton CRJC, Sibeko G, Stein DJ, Teferra S, Zingela Z, Koenen KC
BMJ Open, (2019). 9:e025469

Asymptomatic malaria parasitaemia and seizure control in children with nodding syndrome; a cross-sectional study.Ogwang R, Anguzu R, Akun P, Ningwa A, Kayongo E, Marsh K, Newton CRJC, Idro R
BMJ Open, (2018). 8:e023624

Neurocognitive and mental health outcomes and association with quality of life among adults living with HIV: a cross-sectional focus on a low-literacy population from coastal Kenya.Nyongesa MK, Mwangala PN, Mwangi P, Kombe M, Newton CRJC, Abubakar AA
BMJ Open, (2018). 8:e023914

Changing trends in incidence and aetiology of childhood acute non-traumatic coma over a period of changing malaria transmission in rural coastal Kenya: a retrospective analysis.Gwer S, Thuo N, Idro R, Ndiritu M, Boga M, Newton C, Kirkham F
BMJ Open, (2012). 2:e000475