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Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention: An Evolving Research Paradigm.Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2016). 13:e1002176

Age, Spatial, and Temporal Variations in Hospital Admissions with Malaria in Kilifi County, Kenya: A 25-Year Longitudinal Observational Study.Mogeni P, Williams TN, Fegan G, Nyundo C, Bauni E, Mwai K, Omedo I, Njuguna P, Newton CR, Osier F, Berkley JA, Hammitt LL, Lowe B, Mwambingu G, Awuondo K, Mturi N, Peshu N, Snow RW, Noor A, Marsh K, Bejon P
PLoS Med, (2016). 13:e1002047

Mobile phone text messaging: tool for malaria control in Africa.Zurovac D, Talisuna AO, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2012). 9:e1001176

The impact of retail-sector delivery of artemether-lumefantrine on malaria treatment of children under five in Kenya: a cluster randomized controlled trial.Kangwana BP, Kedenge SV, Noor AM, Alegana VA, Nyandigisi AJ, Pandit J, Fegan GW, Todd JE, Brooker S, Snow RW, Goodman CA
PLoS Med, (2011). 8:e1000437

Estimating the number of paediatric fevers associated with malaria infection presenting to Africa's public health sector in 2007.Gething PW, Kirui VC, Alegana VA, Okiro EA, Noor AM, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2010). 7:e1000301

Estimating the global clinical burden of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in 2007.Hay SI, Okiro EA, Gething PW, Patil AP, Tatem AJ, Guerra CA, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2010). 7:e1000290

Quantifying the number of pregnancies at risk of malaria in 2007: a demographic study.Dellicour S, Tatem AJ, Guerra CA, Snow RW, ter Kuile FO
PLoS Med, (2010). 7:e1000221

A world malaria map: Plasmodium falciparum endemicity in 2007.Hay SI, Guerra CA, Gething PW, Patil AP, Tatem AJ, Noor AM, Kabaria CW, Manh BH, Elyazar IR, Brooker S, Smith DL, Moyeed RA, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2009). 6:e1000048

Abandoning presumptive antimalarial treatment for febrile children aged less than five years--a case of running before we can walk?.English M, Reyburn H, Goodman C, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2009). 6:e1000015

Revisiting the design of phase III clinical trials of antimalarial drugs for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria.Borrmann S, Peto T, Snow RW, Gutteridge W, White NJ
PLoS Med, (2008). 5:e227

International funding for malaria control in relation to populations at risk of stable Plasmodium falciparum transmission.Snow RW, Guerra CA, Mutheu JJ, Hay SI
PLoS Med, (2008). 5:e142

Should data from demographic surveillance systems be made more widely available to researchers?.Chandramohan D, Shibuya K, Setel P, Cairncross S, Lopez AD, Murray CJ, Zaba B, Snow RW, Binka F
PLoS Med, (2008). 5:e57

The limits and intensity of Plasmodium falciparum transmission: implications for malaria control and elimination worldwide.Guerra CA, Gikandi PW, Tatem AJ, Noor AM, Smith DL, Hay SI, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2008). 5:e38

Increasing coverage and decreasing inequity in insecticide-treated bed net use among rural Kenyan children.Noor AM, Amin AA, Akhwale WS, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2007). 4:e255

The effect of alpha+-thalassaemia on the incidence of malaria and other diseases in children living on the coast of Kenya.Wambua S, Mwangi TW, Kortok M, Uyoga SM, Macharia AW, Mwacharo JK, Weatherall DJ, Snow RW, Marsh K, Williams TN
PLoS Med, (2006). 3:e158

Heritability of malaria in Africa.Mackinnon MJ, Mwangi TW, Snow RW, Marsh K, Williams TN
PLoS Med, (2005). 2:e340

An immune basis for malaria protection by the sickle cell trait.Williams TN, Mwangi TW, Roberts DJ, Alexander ND, Weatherall DJ, Wambua S, Kortok M, Snow RW, Marsh K
PLoS Med, (2005). 2:e128