Randomised controlled trial of fosfomycin in neonatal sepsis: pharmacokinetics and safety in relation to sodium overload

Obiero CW, Williams P, Murunga S, Thitiri J, Omollo R, Walker AS, Egondi T, Nyaoke B, Correia E, Kane Z, Gastine S, Kipper K, Standing JF, Ellis S, Sharland M, Berkley JA, NeoFosfo Study Group
Arch Dis Child. 2022;107

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OBJECTIVE: To assess pharmacokinetics and changes to sodium levels in addition to adverse events (AEs) associated with fosfomycin among neonates with clinical sepsis. DESIGN: A single-centre open-label randomised controlled trial. SETTING: Kilifi County Hospital, Kenya. PATIENTS: 120 neonates aged