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Evaluating the effects of supplementing ward nurses on quality of newborn care in Kenyan neonatal units: protocol for a prospective workforce intervention study.Imam A, Gathara D, Aluvaala J, Maina M, English M
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Evaluation of an audit and feedback intervention to reduce gentamicin prescription errors in newborn treatment (ReGENT) in neonatal inpatient care in Kenya: a controlled interrupted time series study protocol.Tuti T, Aluvaala J, Malla L, Irimu G, Mbevi G, Wainaina J, Mumelo L, Wairoto K, Mochache D, Hagel C, Maina M, English M, Clinical Information Network Group
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Using treatment guidelines to improve antibiotic use: insights from an antibiotic point prevalence survey in Kenya.Maina M, McKnight J, Tosas-Auguet O, Schultsz C, English M
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Infection prevention and control during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and opportunities for Kenyan public hospitals.Maina M, Tosas-Auguet O, English M, Schultsz C, McKnight J
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Extending the use of the World Health Organisations' water sanitation and hygiene assessment tool for surveys in hospitals - from WASH-FIT to WASH-FAST.Maina M, Tosas-Auguet O, McKnight J, Zosi M, Kimemia G, Mwaniki P, Hayter A, Montgomery M, Schultsz C, English M
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Evaluating the foundations that help avert antimicrobial resistance: Performance of essential water sanitation and hygiene functions in hospitals and requirements for action in Kenya.Maina M, Tosas-Auguet O, McKnight J, Zosi M, Kimemia G, Mwaniki P, Schultsz C, English M
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Using a common data platform to facilitate audit and feedback on the quality of hospital care provided to sick newborns in Kenya.Maina M, Aluvaala J, Mwaniki P, Tosas-Auguet O, Mutinda C, Maina B, Schultsz C, English M
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A systematic review of neonatal treatment intensity scores and their potential application in low-resource setting hospitals for predicting mortality, morbidity and estimating resource use.Aluvaala J, Collins GS, Maina M, Berkley JA, English M
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Does audit and feedback improve the adoption of recommended practices? Evidence from a longitudinal observational study of an emerging clinical network in Kenya.Gachau S, Ayieko P, Gathara D, Mwaniki P, Ogero M, Akech S, Maina M, Agweyu A, Oliwa J, Oliwa J, Julius T, Malla L, Wafula J, Mbevi G, Irimu G, English M
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Oxygen saturation ranges for healthy newborns within 24 hours at 1800 m.Morgan MC, Maina B, Waiyego M, Mutinda C, Aluvaala J, Maina M, English M
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