Kamuya DM

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Experience of Kenyan researchers and policy-makers with knowledge translation during COVID-19: a qualitative interview study.Guleid FH, Njeru A, Kiptim J, Kamuya DM, Okiro E, Tsofa B, English M, Molyneux S, Kariuki D, Barasa E
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Enhancing fieldworkers' performance management support in health research: an exploratory study on the views of field managers and fieldworkers from major research centres in Africa.Kombe FK, Marsh V, Molyneux S, Kamuya DM, Ikamba D, Kinyanjui SM
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Gendered negotiations for research participation in community-based studies: implications for health research policy and practice.Kamuya DM, Molyneux CS, Theobald S
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"The one who chases you away does not tell you go": silent refusals and complex power relations in research consent processes in Coastal Kenya.Kamuya DM, Theobald SJ, Marsh V, Parker M, Geissler WP, Molyneux SC
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0126671

"When they see us, it's like they have seen the benefits!": experiences of study benefits negotiations in community-based studies on the Kenyan Coast.Kamuya DM, Marsh V, Njuguna P, Munywoki P, Parker M, Molyneux S
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'All her children are born that way': gendered experiences of stigma in families affected by sickle cell disorder in rural Kenya.Marsh VM, Kamuya DM, Molyneux SS
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Experiences with community engagement and informed consent in a genetic cohort study of severe childhood diseases in Kenya.Marsh VM, Kamuya DM, Mlamba AM, Williams TN, Molyneux SS
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