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Fourth Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM) meeting - CHIMs in endemic countries, May 22-23, 2023.Kapulu M, Manda-Taylor L, Balasingam S, Means G, Ayiro Malungu M, Bejon P, Chi PC, Chiu C, Church EC, Correa-Oliveira R, Day N, Durbin A, Egesa M, Emerson C, Jambo K, Mathur R, Metzger W, Mumba N, Nazziwa W, Olotu A, Rodgers J, Sinyiza F, Talaat K, Kamerling I, Weller C, Baay M, Neels P
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Anti-merozoite antibodies induce natural killer cell effector function and are associated with immunity against malaria.Odera DO, Tuju J, Mwai K, Nkumama IN, Fürle K, Chege T, Kimathi R, Diehl S, Musasia FK, Rosenkranz M, Njuguna P, Hamaluba M, Kapulu MC, Frank R, Osier FHA, Abdi AI, Chi PC, de Laurent Z, Jao I, Kamuya D, Kamuyu G, Makale J, Murungi L, Musyoki J, Muthui M, Mwacharo J, Kariuki S, Mwanga D, Mwongeli J, Ndungu F, Njue M, Nyangweso G, Kimani D, Ngoi JM, Musembi J, Ngoto O, Otieno E, Ooko M, Shangala J, Wambua J, Mohammed KS, Omuoyo D, Mosobo M, Kibinge N, Kinyanjui S, Bejon P, Lowe B, Marsh K, Marsh V, Abebe Y, Billingsley PF, Sim BKL, Hoffman SL, James ER, Richie TL, Audi A, Olewe F, Oloo J, Ongecha J, Ongas MO, Koskei N, Bull PC, Hodgson SH, Kivisi C, Imwong M, Murphy SC, Ogutu B, Tarning J, Winterberg M, Williams TN
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'Labouring' on the frontlines of global health research: mapping challenges experienced by frontline workers in Africa and Asia.Nkosi B, Van Nuil JI, Nyirenda D, Chi PC, Schneiders ML
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Ethical considerations around volunteer payments in a malaria human infection study in Kenya: an embedded empirical ethics study.Chi PC, Owino EA, Jao I, Bejon P, Kapulu M, Marsh V, Kamuya D
BMC Med Ethics, (2022). 23:46

Barriers and facilitators of and strategies for successful community engagement in infectious disease clinical trials in low‐ and middle‐income countries.Schmidt BM, Späth C, van Pinxteren M, Chi PC, Wiysonge CS, Oliver J, Colvin CJ
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Understanding the benefits and burdens associated with a malaria human infection study in Kenya: experiences of study volunteers and other stakeholders.Chi PC, Owino EA, Jao I, Olewe F, Ogutu B, Bejon P, Kapulu M, Kamuya D, Marsh V, CHMI-SIKA Study Team
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Government regulation of private health insurance.Motaze NV, Chi PC, Ongolo-Zogo P, Ndongo JS, Wiysonge CS
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Considering the Importance of Context for Ethical Practice on Reimbursement, Compensation and Incentives for Volunteers in Human Infection Controlled Studies.Chi PC, Owino E, Jao I, Marsh V, Kamuya D
Am J Bioeth, (2021). 21:40-42

Equity in aid allocation and distribution: A qualitative study of key stakeholders in Northern Uganda.Chi PC, Bulage P, Ostby G
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Predictors of teenage pregnancy among girls aged 13-19 years in Uganda: a community based case-control study.Ochen AM, Chi PC, Lawoko S
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