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Treatment-seeking and recovery among young undernourished children post-hospital discharge in Bangladesh: A qualitative study.Uddin MF, Molyneux S, Muraya K, Jemutai J, Berkley JA, Walson JL, Hossain MA, Islam MA, Zakayo SM, Njeru RW, Ahmed T, Chisti MJ, Sarma H
PLoS One, (2022). 17:e0274996

Hypothetical acceptability of hospital-based post-mortem pediatric minimally invasive tissue sampling in Malawi: The role of complex social relationships.Lawrence S, Namusanya D, Hamuza A, Huwa C, Chasweka D, Kelley M, Molyneux S, Voskuijl W, Denno DM, Desmond N
PLoS One, (2021). 16:e0246369

"Every day they keep adding new tools but they don't take any away": Producing indicators for intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy (IPTp) from routine data in Kenya.Okello G, Gerrets R, Zakayo S, Molyneux S, Jones C
PLoS One, (2018). 13:e0189699

Recentralization within decentralization: County hospital autonomy under devolution in Kenya.Barasa EW, Manyara AM, Molyneux S, Tsofa B
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0182440

Crises and Resilience at the Frontline-Public Health Facility Managers under Devolution in a Sub-County on the Kenyan Coast.Nyikuri M, Tsofa B, Barasa E, Okoth P, Molyneux S
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0144768

Research Stakeholders' Views on Benefits and Challenges for Public Health Research Data Sharing in Kenya: The Importance of Trust and Social Relations.Jao I, Kombe F, Mwalukore S, Bull S, Parker M, Kamuya D, Molyneux S, Marsh V
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0135545

Benefits in cash or in kind? A community consultation on types of benefits in health research on the Kenyan Coast.Njue M, Molyneux S, Kombe F, Mwalukore S, Kamuya D, Marsh V
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0127842

"The one who chases you away does not tell you go": silent refusals and complex power relations in research consent processes in Coastal Kenya.Kamuya DM, Theobald SJ, Marsh V, Parker M, Geissler WP, Molyneux SC
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0126671

Health providers' perceptions of clinical trials: lessons from Ghana, Kenya and Burkina Faso.Angwenyi V, Asante KP, Traore A, Febir LG, Tawiah C, Kwarteng A, Ouedraogo A, Sirima SB, Owusu-Agyei S, Imoukhuede EB, Webster J, Chandramohan D, Molyneux S, Jones C
PLoS One, (2015). 10:e0124554

What are fair study benefits in international health research? Consulting community members in Kenya.Njue M, Kombe F, Mwalukore S, Molyneux S, Marsh V
PLoS One, (2014). 9:e113112

'The words will pass with the blowing wind': staff and parent views of the deferred consent process, with prior assent, used in an emergency fluids trial in two African hospitals.Molyneux S, Njue M, Boga M, Akello L, Olupot-Olupot P, Engoru C, Kiguli S, Maitland K
PLoS One, (2013). 8:e54894