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Addressing the need for an appropriate skilled delivery care workforce in Burundi to support Maternal and Newborn Health Service Delivery Redesign (MNH-Redesign): a sequential study protocol.Habonimana D, Leckcivilize A, Nicodemo C, English M
Wellcome Open Res, (2022). 7:196

Using theory of change in child health service interventions: a scoping review protocol.Jones B, Nagraj S, English M
Wellcome Open Res, (2022). 7:30

Missed nursing care in acute care hospital settings in low-middle income countries: a systematic review protocol.Imam A, Obiesie S, Aluvaala J, Maina M, Gathara D, English M
Wellcome Open Res, (2021). 6:359

Nurse staffing and patient care outcomes: protocol for an umbrella review to identify evidence gaps for low and middle-income countries in global literature.Imam A, Obiesie S, Aluvaala J, Maina M, Gathara D, English M
Wellcome Open Res, (2021). 6:363

Programme theory and linked intervention strategy for large-scale change to improve hospital care in a low and middle-income country - A Study Pre-Protocol.English M, Nzinga J, Irimu G, Gathara D, Aluvaala J, McKnight J, Wong G, Molyneux S
Wellcome Open Res, (2020). 5:265

Infection prevention and control during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and opportunities for Kenyan public hospitals.Maina M, Tosas-Auguet O, English M, Schultsz C, McKnight J
Wellcome Open Res, (2020). 5:211

Derivation and internal validation of a data-driven prediction model to guide frontline health workers in triaging children under-five in Nairobi, Kenya.Mawji A, Akech S, Mwaniki P, Dunsmuir D, Bone J, Wiens MO, Gorges M, Kimutai D, Kissoon N, English M, Ansermino MJ
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:121

Competing risk survival analysis of time to in-hospital death or discharge in a large urban neonatal unit in Kenya.Aluvaala J, Collins GS, Maina B, Mutinda C, Wayiego M, Berkley JA, English M
Wellcome Open Res, (2019). 4:96

A hidden burden of neonatal illness? A cross-sectional study of all admissions aged less than one month across twelve Kenyan County hospitals.Murphy GAV, Nyakangi VN, Gathara D, Ogero M, English M, Clinical Information Network
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:119

Using data from a multi-hospital clinical network to explore prevalence of pediatric rickets in Kenya.Karuri SW, Murithi MK, Irimu G, English M, Clinical Information Network authors
Wellcome Open Res, (2017). 2:64