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Breaking the silence on first referral hospitals and universal health coverage.English M, Rispel L, Ssengooba F, Edwards N
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Quality of inpatient paediatric and newborn care in district hospitals - Authors' reply.English M, Aluvaala J, Maina M, Duke T, Irimu G
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Not just surveys and indicators: narratives capture what really matters for health system strengthening.Oluoch D, Molyneux S, Boga M, Maluni J, Murila F, Jones C, Ziebland S, English M, Hinton L
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Quality of inpatient paediatric and newborn care in district hospitals: WHO indicators, measurement, and improvement.English M, Aluvaala J, Maina M, Duke T, Irimu G
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COVID-19: an opportunity to improve infection prevention and control in LMICs.Maina M, Tosas-Auguet O, English M, Schultsz C, McKnight J
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Implementing change for facility-based peripartum care in low-income and middle-income countries.Aluvaala J, English M
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High-quality health systems in the Sustainable Development Goals era: time for a revolution.Kruk ME, Gage AD, Arsenault C, Jordan K, Leslie HH, Roder-DeWan S, Adeyi O, Barker P, Daelmans B, Doubova SV, English M, Garcia-Elorrio E, Guanais F, Gureje O, Hirschhorn LR, Jiang L, Kelley E, Lemango ET, Liljestrand J, Malata A, Marchant T, Matsoso MP, Meara JG, Mohanan M, Ndiaye Y, Norheim OF, Reddy KS, Rowe AK, Salomon JA, Thapa G, Twum-Danso NAY, Pate M
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Access to emergency hospital care provided by the public sector in sub-Saharan Africa in 2015: a geocoded inventory and spatial analysis.Ouma PO, Maina J, Thuranira PN, Macharia PM, Alegana VA, English M, Okiro EA, Snow RW
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Association of the Paediatric Admission Quality of Care score with mortality in Kenyan hospitals: a validation study.Opondo C, Allen E, Todd J, English M
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Appropriateness of clinical severity classification of new WHO childhood pneumonia guidance: a multi-hospital, retrospective, cohort study.Agweyu A, Lilford RJ, English M, Clinical Information Network Author Group
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