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Hospitals as complex adaptive systems: A case study of factors influencing priority setting practices at the hospital level in Kenya.Barasa EW, Molyneux S, English M, Cleary S
Soc Sci Med, (2017). 174:104-112

Protecting the public or setting the bar too high? Understanding the causes and consequences of regulatory actions of front-line regulators and specialized drug shop operators in Kenya.Wafula F, Molyneux C, Mackintosh M, Goodman C
Soc Sci Med, (2013). 97:220-7

Ethics and the ethnography of medical research in Africa.Molyneux S, Geissler PW
Soc Sci Med, (2008). 67:685-95

Promoting the social value of research in Kenya: examining the practical aspects of collaborative partnerships using an ethical framework.Lairumbi GM, Molyneux S, Snow RW, Marsh K, Peshu N, English M
Soc Sci Med, (2008). 67:734-47

Beginning community engagement at a busy biomedical research programme: experiences from the KEMRI CGMRC-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kilifi, Kenya.Marsh V, Kamuya D, Rowa Y, Gikonyo C, Molyneux S
Soc Sci Med, (2008). 67:721-33

Taking social relationships seriously: lessons learned from the informed consent practices of a vaccine trial on the Kenyan Coast.Gikonyo C, Bejon P, Marsh V, Molyneux S
Soc Sci Med, (2008). 67:708-20

Trust and informed consent: insights from community members on the Kenyan coast.Molyneux CS, Peshu N, Marsh K
Soc Sci Med, (2005). 61:1463-73

'Even if they ask you to stand by a tree all day, you will have to do it (laughter)...!': community voices on the notion and practice of informed consent for biomedical research in developing countries.Molyneux CS, Wassenaar DR, Peshu N, Marsh K
Soc Sci Med, (2005). 61:443-54

Understanding of informed consent in a low-income setting: three case studies from the Kenyan Coast.Molyneux CS, Peshu N, Marsh K
Soc Sci Med, (2004). 59:2547-59