A polymorphism of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 is associated with a reduced incidence of nonmalarial febrile illness in Kenyan children

Jenkins NE, Mwangi TW, Kortok M, Marsh K, Craig AG, Williams TN
Clin Infect Dis. 2005;41

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An intercellular adhesion molecule-1 polymorphism (ICAM-1(Kilifi)) is present at a high frequency across sub-Saharan Africa, and its presence may increase susceptibility to cerebral malaria. Here, we report that, compared with children in whom wild-type intercellular adhesion molecule-1 is present, the incidence of nonmalarial fever is significantly lower among those homozygous for ICAM-1(Kilifi). We propose that ICAM-1(Kilifi) may be associated with reduced rates of tissue damage and of death due to sepsis.