Improving in-patient neonatal data quality as a pre-requisite for monitoring and improving quality of care at scale: A multisite retrospective cohort study in Kenya

Tuti T, Aluvaala J, Chelangat D, Mbevi G, Wainaina J, Mumelo L, Wairoto K, Mochache D, Irimu G, Maina M, Clinical Information Network Group, English M
PLOS Glob Public Health. 2022;2

Permenent descriptor

The objectives of this study were to (1)explore the quality of clinical data generated from hospitals providing in-patient neonatal care participating in a clinical information network (CIN) and whether data improved over time, and if data are adequate, (2)characterise accuracy of prescribing for basic treatments provided to neonatal in-patients over time. This was a retrospective cohort study involving neonates