Brief report: Validity and reliability of the Nigerian Autism Screening Questionnaire

Bakare MO, Frazier TW, Karpur A, Abubakar A, Nyongesa MK, Mwangi PM, Dixon P, Khaliq I, Gase NK, Sandstrom J, Okidegbe N, Rosanoff M, Munir KM, Shih A
Autism. 2022;26

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LAY ABSTRACT: Early intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is dependent on reliable methods for early detection. Screening for ASD symptoms is an important strategy in low- and middle-income countries that often lack adequate service infrastructure. This study aims to conduct preliminary evaluation of the psychometric properties of a tool developed and deployed in Nigeria called the Nigerian Autism Screening Questionnaire (NASQ). Results demonstrated that NASQ, when used as a community-based survey, has a clear factor structure with consistent measurement across age and sex, and that scores from below average to well above average are measured reliably. Future research is needed to examine the performance of this tool against confirmatory ASD diagnosis in screening and diagnostic contexts to further understand the utility and applicability of this tool in the resource-limited Nigerian setting.