Biogem: an effective tool-based approach for scaling up open source software development in bioinformatics

Bonnal RJ, Aerts J, Githinji G, Goto N, MacLean D, Miller CA, Mishima H, Pagani M, Ramirez-Gonzalez R, Smant G, Strozzi F, Syme R, Vos R, Wennblom TJ, Woodcroft BJ, Katayama T, Prins P
Bioinformatics. 2012;28

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SUMMARY: Biogem provides a software development environment for the Ruby programming language, which encourages community-based software development for bioinformatics while lowering the barrier to entry and encouraging best practices. Biogem, with its targeted modular and decentralized approach, software generator, tools and tight web integration, is an improved general model for scaling up collaborative open source software development in bioinformatics. AVAILABILITY: Biogem and modules are free and are OSS. Biogem runs on all systems that support recent versions of Ruby, including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Further information at http://www.biogems.info. A tutorial is available at http://www.biogems.info/howto.html CONTACT: bonnal@ingm.org.