Nduati EW

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Coordinated Fc-effector and neutralization functions in HIV-infected children define a window of opportunity for HIV vaccination.Nduati EW, Gorman MJ, Sein Y, Hermanus T, Yuan D, Oyaro I, Muema DM, Ndung'u T, Alter G, Moore PL
AIDS, (2021). 35:1895-1905

A Novel Sample Selection Approach to Aid the Identification of Factors That Correlate With the Control of HIV-1 Infection.Makinde J, Nduati EW, Freni-Sterrantino A, Streatfield C, Kibirige C, Dalel J, Black SL, Hayes P, Macharia G, Hare J, McGowan E, Abel B, King D, Joseph S, Iavi Protocol C Investigators, Hunter E, Sanders EJ, Price M, Gilmour J
Front Immunol, (2021). 12:634832

Malaria exposure drives both cognate and bystander human B cells to adopt an atypical phenotype.Aye R, Sutton HJ, Nduati EW, Kai O, Mwacharo J, Musyoki J, Otieno E, Wambua J, Bejon P, Cockburn IA, Ndungu FM
Eur J Immunol, (2020). 50:1187-1194

Peripheral blood mononuclear cell transcriptomes reveal an over-representation of down-regulated genes associated with immunity in HIV-exposed uninfected infants.Musimbi ZD, Rono MK, Otieno JR, Kibinge N, Ochola-Oyier LI, de Villiers EP, Nduati EW
Sci Rep, (2019). 9:18124

Proportions of circulating follicular helper T cells are reduced and correlate with memory B cells in HIV-infected children.Muema DM, Macharia GN, Olusola BA, Hassan AS, Fegan GW, Berkley JA, Urban BC, Nduati EW
PLoS One, (2017). 12:e0175570

The effect of declining exposure on T cell-mediated immunity to Plasmodium falciparum - an epidemiological "natural experiment".Bediako Y, Ngoi JM, Nyangweso G, Wambua J, Opiyo M, Nduati EW, Bejon P, Marsh K, Ndungu FM
BMC Med, (2016). 14:143

HIV-Exposed Uninfected Infants Show Robust Memory B-Cell Responses in Spite of a Delayed Accumulation of Memory B Cells: an Observational Study in the First 2 Years of Life.Nduati EW, Nkumama IN, Gambo FK, Muema DM, Knight MG, Hassan AS, Jahangir MN, Etyang TJ, Berkley JA, Urban BC
Clin Vaccine Immunol, (2016). 23:576-85

Outcomes of prevention of mother to child transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus-1 in rural Kenya--a cohort study.Nduati EW, Hassan AS, Knight MG, Muema DM, Jahangir MN, Mwaringa SL, Etyang TJ, Rowland-Jones S, Urban BC, Berkley JA
BMC Public Health, (2015). 15:1008

Control of Viremia Enables Acquisition of Resting Memory B Cells with Age and Normalization of Activated B Cell Phenotypes in HIV-Infected Children.Muema DM, Macharia GN, Hassan AS, Mwaringa SM, Fegan GW, Berkley JA, Nduati EW, Urban BC
J Immunol, (2015). 195:1082-91

10-valent pneumococcal non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae protein-D conjugate vaccine (PHiD-CV) induces memory B cell responses in healthy Kenyan toddlers.Muema DM, Nduati EW, Uyoga M, Bashraheil M, Scott JA, Hammitt LL, Urban BC
Clin Exp Immunol, (2015). 181:297-305

Distinct kinetics of memory B-cell and plasma-cell responses in peripheral blood following a blood-stage Plasmodium chabaudi infection in mice.Nduati EW, Ng DH, Ndungu FM, Gardner P, Urban BC, Langhorne J
PLoS One, (2010). 5:e15007

Multiple synergistic interactions between atovaquone and antifolates against Plasmodium falciparum in vitro: a rational basis for combination therapy.Nduati EW, Kamau EM
Acta Trop, (2006). 97:357-63