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Pre-exposure prophylaxis for transgender women and men who have sex with men: qualitative insights from healthcare providers, community organization-based leadership and end users in coastal Kenya.Kimani M, Sanders EJ, Chirro O, Mukuria N, Mahmoud S, Rinke de Wit TF, Graham SM, Operario D, van der Elst EM
Int Health, (2022). 14:288-294

Pilot testing of an online training module about screening for acute HIV infection in adult patients seeking urgent healthcare.Rafferty H, Chirro O, Oduor C, Wahome E, Ngoi C, van der Elst E, Berger R, Rowland-Jones S, Graham SM, Sanders EJ
Int Health, (2019). 11:93-100

Emerging themes for sensitivity training modules of African healthcare workers attending to men who have sex with men: a systematic review.Dijkstra M, van der Elst EM, Micheni M, Gichuru E, Musyoki H, Duby Z, Lange JM, Graham SM, Sanders EJ
Int Health, (2015). 7:151-62

HIV-1 testing of young febrile adults seeking care for fever in sub-Sahara Africa.Sanders EJ
Int Health, (2014). 6:77-8

Diagnosing acute and prevalent HIV-1 infection in young African adults seeking care for fever: a systematic review and audit of current practice.Prins HA, Mugo P, Wahome E, Mwashigadi G, Thiong'o A, Smith A, Sanders EJ, Graham SM
Int Health, (2014). 6:82-92