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Variability in the use of pulse oximeters with children in Kenyan hospitals: A mixed-methods analysis.Enoch AJ, English M, Clinical Information Network, McGivern G, Shepperd S
PLoS Med, (2019). 16:e1002987

Building Learning Health Systems to Accelerate Research and Improve Outcomes of Clinical Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.English M, Irimu G, Agweyu A, Gathara D, Oliwa J, Ayieko P, Were F, Paton C, Tunis S, Forrest CB
PLoS Med, (2016). 13:e1001991

An unsupported preference for intravenous antibiotics.Li HK, Agweyu A, English M, Bejon P
PLoS Med, (2015). 12:e1001825

A multifaceted intervention to improve the quality of care of children in district hospitals in Kenya: a cost-effectiveness analysis.Barasa EW, Ayieko P, Cleary S, English M
PLoS Med, (2012). 9:e1001238

A multifaceted intervention to implement guidelines and improve admission paediatric care in Kenyan district hospitals: a cluster randomised trial.Ayieko P, Ntoburi S, Wagai J, Opondo C, Opiyo N, Migiro S, Wamae A, Mogoa W, Were F, Wasunna A, Fegan G, Irimu G, English M
PLoS Med, (2011). 8:e1001018

Setting research priorities to reduce almost one million deaths from birth asphyxia by 2015.Lawn JE, Bahl R, Bergstrom S, Bhutta ZA, Darmstadt GL, Ellis M, English M, Kurinczuk JJ, Lee AC, Merialdi M, Mohamed M, Osrin D, Pattinson R, Paul V, Ramji S, Saugstad OD, Sibley L, Singhal N, Wall SN, Woods D, Wyatt J, Chan KY, Rudan I
PLoS Med, (2011). 8:e1000389

Abandoning presumptive antimalarial treatment for febrile children aged less than five years--a case of running before we can walk?.English M, Reyburn H, Goodman C, Snow RW
PLoS Med, (2009). 6:e1000015

What are the implications for childhood pneumonia of successfully introducing Hib and pneumococcal vaccines in developing countries?.Scott JA, English M
PLoS Med, (2008). 5:e86

What is the future for global case management guidelines for common childhood diseases?.English M, Scott JA
PLoS Med, (2008). 5:e241

Defining childhood severe falciparum malaria for intervention studies.Bejon P, Berkley JA, Mwangi T, Ogada E, Mwangi I, Maitland K, Williams T, Scott JA, English M, Lowe BS, Peshu N, Newton CR, Marsh K
PLoS Med, (2007). 4:e251