Nairobi Programme

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Prof. Emelda Okiro

Principal Investigator


Emelda has 20 years of Population and Public Health research experience. She has evolved the science of impact evaluation, epidemiology, population health, statistics, data analytics and operations research with a focus on research capacity mentorship in the Africa region. Emelda’s public health research expertise is inextricably linked to her commitment to supporting national policy, exemplified by her scientific role in the National Research component of various Kenya government policy groups. Emelda is deeply committed to improving routine epidemiological and demographic data from resource-poor countries to shape national health policies. Emelda is an established scientific leader leading the Population Health Unit within the Nairobi Programme, and importantly regionally, with an extensive international network of collaborators. Emelda sits on international and regional boards and steering committees, influencing agendas on public health science in Africa. Emelda is committed to her continued influence on women in science in Africa, the development of the careers of younger scientists and the appropriate balance of North-South research collaboration.