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Dr. Joseph Mwangangi

Ag. Deputy Director - CGMRC


Dr Joseph Mwangangi is a Senior Principal Research Scientist and is currently the Ag. Deputy Director of the KEMRI Centre for Geographic Medicine Research – Coast. Joseph graduated with BSc (Zoology, Botany and Geography) from Kenyatta University, joined KEMRI in 1998. Joseph graduated with a PhD in Medical Entomology from Kenyatta University in 2007. His research interests are malaria vector biology and ecology, novel approaches to the control of vector borne diseases and the monitoring of insecticide resistance. Currently he is working on studies different thematic areas in mosquito biology in the area of larval ecology, malaria transmission dynamics, insecticide resistance and vector control strategies. Joseph is keenly interested in understanding drivers of residual/persistent malaria transmission in endemic areas including entomological, socio-economic, human behavioral aspects. Joseph has strong links to National Malaria Control Programs and supporting the malaria control unit in the national entomological surveillance. He is a member and official of the Pan African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA).