Health System & Research Ethics

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Prof. Vicki Marsh

Principal Investigator


Undertaking Community Engagement for a Controlled Human Malaria Infection Study in Kenya: Approaches and Lessons Learnt.
Mumba, N., Njuguna, P., Chi, P., Marsh, V., Awuor, E., Hamaluba, M., Mauncho, C., Mwalukore, S., Masha, J., Mwangoma, M., Kalama, B., Alphan, H., Wambua, J., Bejon, P., Kamuya, D., Kapulu, M. C.
Front Public Health, (2022). 10:793913

Ethical considerations around volunteer payments in a malaria human infection study in Kenya: an embedded empirical ethics study.
Chi, P. C., Owino, E. A., Jao, I., Bejon, P., Kapulu, M., Marsh, V., Kamuya, D.
BMC Med Ethics, (2022). 23:46

A case study of research review systems during COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya, 2020-2021..
Hinga, A. N., Jeena, L., Awuor, E., Kahindi, J., Munene, M., Molyneux, S., Marsh, V., Kamuya, D.
1st International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA), (2021). :

How can community engagement in health research be strengthened for infectious disease outbreaks in Sub-Saharan Africa? A scoping review of the literature.
Vanderslott, S., Van Ryneveld, M., Marchant, M., Lees, S., Nolna, S. K., Marsh, V.
BMC Public Health, (2021). 21:633

Model for developing context-sensitive responses to vulnerability in research: managing ethical dilemmas faced by frontline research staff in Kenya.
Molyneux, S., Sukhtankar, P., Thitiri, J., Njeru, R., Muraya, K., Sanga, G., Walson, J. L., Berkley, J., Kelley, M., Marsh, V.
BMJ Glob Health, (2021). 6:

The ethical implications of verbal autopsy: responding to emotional and moral distress.
Hinga, A., Marsh, V., Nyaguara, A., Wamukoya, M., Molyneux, S.
BMC Med Ethics, (2021). 22:118

Understanding the benefits and burdens associated with a malaria human infection study in Kenya: experiences of study volunteers and other stakeholders.
Chi, P. C., Owino, E. A., Jao, I., Olewe, F., Ogutu, B., Bejon, P., Kapulu, M., Kamuya, D., Marsh, V., CHMI-SIKA Study Team
Trials, (2021). 22:494

Applying a gender lens to understand pathways through care for acutely ill young children in Kenyan urban informal settlements.
Muraya, K., Ogutu, M., Mwadhi, M., Mikusa, J., Okinyi, M., Magawi, C., Zakayo, S., Njeru, R., Haribondhu, S., Uddin, M. F., Marsh, V., Walson, J. L., Berkley, J., Molyneux, S.
Int J Equity Health, (2021). 20:17