Health System & Research Ethics

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DR.Alun Davies



'Are you on the market?': a capture-recapture enumeration of men who sell sex to men in and around Mombasa, Kenya.
Geibel, S., van der Elst, E. M., King'ola, N., Luchters, S., Davies, A., Getambu, E. M., Peshu, N., Graham, S. M., McClelland, R. S., Sanders, E. J.
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HIV-1 infection in high risk men who have sex with men in Mombasa, Kenya.
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AIDS, (2007). 21:2513-20

Is audio computer-assisted self-interview (ACASI) useful in risk behaviour assessment of female and male sex workers, Mombasa, Kenya?.
van der Elst, E. M., Okuku, H. S., Nakamya, P., Muhaari, A., Davies, A., McClelland, R. S., Price, M. A., Smith, A. D., Graham, S. M., Sanders, E. J.
PLoS One, (2009). 4:e5340

Strengthening the informed consent process in international health research through community engagement: The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme Experience.
Boga, M., Davies, A., Kamuya, D., Kinyanjui, S. M., Kivaya, E., Kombe, F., Lang, T., Marsh, V., Mbete, B., Mlamba, A., Molyneux, S., Mulupi, S., Mwalukore, S.
PLoS Med, (2011). 8:e1001089

Challenges in providing counselling to MSM in highly stigmatized contexts: results of a qualitative study from Kenya.
Taegtmeyer, M., Davies, A., Mwangome, M., van der Elst, E. M., Graham, S. M., Price, M. A., Sanders, E. J.
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Heterosexual behaviours among men who sell sex to men in coastal Kenya.
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Reflections on the ethics of participatory visual methods to engage communities in global health research.
Black, G. F., Davies, A., Iskander, D., Chambers, M.
Glob Bioeth, (2018). 29:22-38

Evolution of a programme to engage school students with health research and science in Kenya.
Davies, A., Mwangome, N., Yeri, B., Mwango, G., Mumba, N., Marsh, V., Kamuya, D., Molyneux, S., Kinyanjui, S., Jones, C.
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Who should decide about children's and adolescents' participation in health research? The views of children and adults in rural Kenya.
Marsh, V., Mwangome, N., Jao, I., Wright, K., Molyneux, S., Davies, A.
BMC Med Ethics, (2019). 20:41

Participatory And Collective Film-Making.
Davies, A.
The Practice and Ethics of Participatory Visual Methods for Community Engagement in Public Health & Health Science: A Handbook, (2019). :93-97