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Research Description:

The Health Services Research aims to develop an understanding of how to improve quality and coverage of effective interventions to achieve desired health outcomes. Our work examines ways in which access and quality of care for the sick child and new born can be enhanced. We have designed an integrated, theory-informed programme of research that will provide evidence on how to achieve large-scale change and understand how innovation can be harnessed to improve quality of care for the newborn child. Areas we investigate include whether improving staffing levels at Newborn Units (NBU) improves measures of quality, facilitates technology adoption and improves staff and family experiences of care. As part of this work, we examine the governance arrangements that guide technology introduction, and develop work in the area of human-centred design, focusing initially on processes and tools to improve post-discharge care for vulnerable newborns (eg. those born preterm). In doing this work we further enhance our position as key contributors globally in the field of quality measurement and conduct of interdisciplinary health systems science of policy relevance.  A novel and important aspect of our work focuses on patient involvement in hospital care. Building on earlier studies of mothers’ experiences of having a pre-term baby admitted to hospital, often for prolonged periods, we explore the potential of using participatory education tools such as digital stories and video narratives as educational approaches for health workers and families to improve patient-centred care (Olouch, Jones et al)