“Difu Simo”- A Mental Health Awareness Campaign

This is a mental health awareness campaign which is being conducted in Kilifi County along the Kenyan Coast. The awareness campaign slogan is “Difu Simo”, a Kigiryama phrase which means “Breaking free”. The campaign was officially launched in October during an event that was organized by the Kilifi County Government to mark the World Mental Health Day, 2019. It will involve use of participatory approaches and awareness walks to sensitize the public about mental illnesses.
The aims of the project are to improve knowledge about mental illnesses, reduce stigma towards people with mental illnesses to encourage them to seek health care and bring the worlds of biomedical treatment and traditional healing in dialogue about a holistic approach to treat and re-integrate people with mental health issues back into the community and live healthy lives. The awareness activities of the Difu Simo project will be conducted in a specified area of Kilifi County called the Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System (KHDSS).
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