Clinical Research

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Alison Talbert

Principal Investigator


Alison Talbert is a paediatrician with a Master’s degree in epidemiology. Research interests are malnutrition, infection, and infant and young child feeding. She moved to Kilifi in 2005 from Tanzania and has worked on malnutrition studies led by Professor Kath Maitland and Dr. Jay Berkley. She has been an investigator on a study of endotoxinaemia in malnutrition and malaria, and on clinical trials of an outpatient treatment strategy of ready to use supplementary food in moderate malnutrition (Modmal) and omega-3 PUFA enriched ready to use therapeutic food in treatment of severe acute malnutrition (NjuguPlus). She is a member of the Neonatal Nutrition Network (NeoNuNet), originally a collaboration of 2 Kenyan and 5 Nigerian newborn units with UK scientists from Liverpool and Newcastle, which has now expanded into 7 African countries.