High blood pressure and diabetes

Research Topic: High blood pressure and diabetes

Research Title:

ShinDa II


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Research Description:

Although high blood pressure is common among individuals of African descent, little is known about environmental factors specific to Africa/low and middle income countries that could be contributing to the high burden of hypertension. In the ShinDa II study, we are testing the hypothesis that malaria could contribute to blood pressure elevation. If true, this would open up possibilities of developing context-specific approaches to reduce the burden of high blood pressure in the local population of Kilifi where the study is taking place. 

Investigators: Anthony Etyang, Anthony Scott, Thomas Williams, Sailoki Kapesa 


In the Nahenda study, we aim to accurately determine the prevalence and risk factors for hypertension and diabetes in three regions of Kenya. We are also examining the cost effectiveness of alternative diagnostic strategies for these two conditions that are increasing in prevalence in Kenya and many other African countries. In addition, we aim to document the capacity of existing health systems to manage these conditions. Our work will help inform policy on the management of diabetes and hypertension in Kenya. 

Investigators :

Anthony Etyang, Kenneth Munge, Edwine Barasa, Kimani Gachuhi, Andrew Obala, Sailoki Kapesa, Antipa Sigilai