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Temperature and malaria trends in highland East Africa.Stern DI, Gething PW, Kabaria CW, Temperley WH, Noor AM, Okiro EA, Shanks GD, Snow RW, Hay SI
PLoS One, (2011). 6:e24524

Likely health outcomes for untreated acute febrile illness in the tropics in decision and economic models; a Delphi survey.Lubell Y, Staedke SG, Greenwood BM, Kamya MR, Molyneux M, Newton PN, Reyburn H, Snow RW, D'Alessandro U, English M, Day N, Kremsner P, Dondorp A, Mbacham W, Dorsey G, Owusu-Agyei S, Maitland K, Krishna S, Newton C, Pasvol G, Taylor T, von Seidlein L, White NJ, Binka F, Mills A, Whitty CJ
PLoS One, (2011). 6:e17439

Identifying residual foci of Plasmodium falciparum infections for malaria elimination: the urban context of Khartoum, Sudan.Nourein AB, Abass MA, Nugud AH, El Hassan I, Snow RW, Noor AM
PLoS One, (2011). 6:e16948

Evaluating different dimensions of programme effectiveness for private medicine retailer malaria control interventions in Kenya.Abuya TO, Fegan G, Amin AA, Akhwale WS, Noor AM, Snow RW, Marsh V
PLoS One, (2010). 5:e8937

Evidence for over-dispersion in the distribution of clinical malaria episodes in children.Mwangi TW, Fegan G, Williams TN, Kinyanjui SM, Snow RW, Marsh K
PLoS One, (2008). 3:e2196

The use of mosquito nets and the prevalence of Plasmodium falciparum infection in rural South Central Somalia.Noor AM, Moloney G, Borle M, Fegan GW, Shewchuk T, Snow RW
PLoS One, (2008). 3:e2081

Prospects for malaria eradication in sub-Saharan Africa.Aguas R, White LJ, Snow RW, Gomes MG
PLoS One, (2008). 3:e1767