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Defining service catchment areas in low-resource settings.Macharia PM, Ray N, Giorgi E, Okiro EA, Snow RW
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Interventions to improve district-level routine health data in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review.Lee J, Lynch CA, Hashiguchi LO, Snow RW, Herz ND, Webster J, Parkhurst J, Erondu NA
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Accuracy of verbal autopsy, clinical data and minimally invasive autopsy in the evaluation of malaria-specific mortality: an observational study.Rakislova N, Jordao D, Ismail MR, Mayor A, Cisteró P, Marimon L, Ferrando M, Hurtado JC, Lovane L, Carrilho C, Lorenzoni C, Fernandes F, Nhampossa T, Cossa A, Mandomando I, Navarro M, Casas I, Munguambe K, Maixenchs M, Quintó L, Macete E, Martinez M, Snow RW, Bassat Q, Menéndez C, Ordi J
BMJ Glob Health, (2021). 6:e005218

Subnational estimates of factors associated with under-five mortality in Kenya: a spatio-temporal analysis, 1993-2014.Macharia PM, Joseph NK, Sartorius B, Snow RW, Okiro EA
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Spatial and spatio-temporal methods for mapping malaria risk: a systematic review.Odhiambo JN, Kalinda C, Macharia PM, Snow RW, Sartorius B
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Geospatial mapping of access to timely essential surgery in sub-Saharan Africa.Juran S, Broer PN, Klug SJ, Snow RC, Okiro EA, Ouma PO, Snow RW, Tatem AJ, Meara JG, Alegana VA
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Estimating the need for inpatient neonatal services: an iterative approach employing evidence and expert consensus to guide local policy in Kenya.Murphy GAV, Waters D, Ouma PO, Gathara D, Shepperd S, Snow RW, English M
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