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Evaluating risk to people with epilepsy during the COVID-19 pandemic: Preliminary findings from the COV-E study.Thorpe J, Ashby S, Hallab A, Ding D, Andraus M, Dugan P, Perucca P, Costello D, French JA, O'Brien TJ, Depondt C, Andrade DM, Sengupta R, Delanty N, Jette N, Newton CR, Brodie MJ, Devinsky O, Helen Cross J, Sander JW, Hanna J, Sen A, COVID Epilepsy Study Group,
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Validation of a Swahili version of the 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) among adults living with HIV compared to a community sample from Kilifi, Kenya.Mwangi P, Nyongesa MK, Koot HM, Cuijpers P, Newton CRJC, Abubakar A
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The reliability, validity and factorial structure of the Swahili version of the 7-item generalized anxiety disorder scale (GAD-7) among adults living with HIV from Kilifi, Kenya.Nyongesa MK, Mwangi P, Koot HM, Cuijpers P, Newton CRJC, Abubakar A
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The effect of blood transfusion on outcomes among African children admitted to hospital with Plasmodium falciparum malaria: a prospective, multicentre observational study.Ackerman H, Ayestaran A, Olola CHO, Jallow M, Agbenyega T, Bojang K, Roberts DJ, Krishna S, Kremsner PG, Newton CR, Taylor T, Valim C, Casals-Pascual C
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Contextualizing and pilot testing the Mental Health Gap Action Programme Intervention Guide (mhGAP-IG) to primary healthcare workers in Kilifi, Kenya.Bitta MA, Kariuki SM, Omar A, Nasoro L, Njeri M, Kiambu C, Ongeri L, Newton CRJC
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Correlates of health-related quality of life among adults receiving combination antiretroviral therapy in coastal Kenya.Nyongesa MK, Mwangi P, Wanjala SW, Mutua AM, Koot HM, Cuijpers P, Newton CRJC, Abubakar A
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Research and open access from low- and middle-income countries.Newton CR
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