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Derivation and external validation of a clinical prognostic model identifying children at risk of death following presentation for diarrheal care.Ahmed SM, Brintz BJ, Talbert A, Ngari M, Pavlinac PB, Platts-Mills JA, Levine AC, Nelson EJ, Walson JL, Kotloff KL, Berkley JA, Leung DT
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Trends in inpatient and post-discharge mortality among young infants admitted to Kilifi County Hospital, Kenya: a retrospective cohort study.Talbert A, Ngari M, Obiero C, Nyaguara A, Mwangome M, Mturi N, Ouma N, Otiende M, Berkley J
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Prospective observational study of the challenges in diagnosing common neonatal conditions in Nigeria and Kenya.Staunton AP, Nabwera HM, Allen SJ, Tongo OO, Akindolire AE, Abdulkadir I, Ezeaka CV, Ezenwa BN, Fajolu IB, Imam ZO, Umoru DD, Otieno W, Nalwa GM, Olwala M, Talbert AW, Andang'o PEA, Mwangome MK, Abubakar I, Embleton ND
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Enteral Feeding Practices for Very Preterm and Very Low Birth Weight Infants in Nigeria and Kenya.Tongo OO, Olwala MA, Talbert AW, Nabwera HM, Akindolire AE, Otieno W, Nalwa GM, Andang'o PEA, Mwangome MK, Abdulkadir I, Ezeaka CV, Ezenwa BN, Fajolu IB, Imam ZO, Umoru DD, Abubakar I, Embleton ND, Allen SJ
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Burden of disease and risk factors for mortality amongst hospitalized newborns in Nigeria and Kenya.Nabwera HM, Wang D, Tongo OO, Andang'o PEA, Abdulkadir I, Ezeaka CV, Ezenwa BN, Fajolu IB, Imam ZO, Mwangome MK, Umoru DD, Akindolire AE, Otieno W, Nalwa GM, Talbert AW, Abubakar I, Embleton ND, Allen SJ, Neonatal Nutrition Network
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Evidence that informs feeding practices in very low birthweight and very preterm infants in sub-Saharan Africa: an overview of systematic reviews.Akindolire A, Talbert A, Sinha I, Embleton N, Allen S, Neonatal Nutrition Network
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Exclusive breastfeeding in first-time mothers in rural Kenya: a longitudinal observational study of feeding patterns in the first six months of life.Talbert A, Jones C, Mataza C, Berkley JA, Mwangome M
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Individualized breastfeeding support for acutely ill, malnourished infants under 6 months old.Mwangome M, Murunga S, Kahindi J, Gwiyo P, Mwasho G, Talbert A, Kiige L, Samburu B, Mturi N, Abubakar A, Jones C, Berkley JA
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Mortality after inpatient treatment for diarrhea in children: a cohort study.Talbert A, Ngari M, Bauni E, Mwangome M, Mturi N, Otiende M, Maitland K, Walson J, Berkley JA
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Knowledge of, and attitudes to giving expressed breastmilk to infants in rural coastal Kenya; focus group discussions of first time mothers and their advisers.Talbert AW, Tsofa B, Mumbo E, Berkley JA, Mwangome M
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"When you give birth you will not be without your mother" A mixed methods study of advice on breastfeeding for first-time mothers in rural coastal Kenya.Talbert AW, Ngari M, Tsofa B, Mramba L, Mumbo E, Berkley JA, Mwangome M
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Ready-to-use therapeutic food with elevated n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content, with or without fish oil, to treat severe acute malnutrition: a randomized controlled trial.Jones KD, Ali R, Khasira MA, Odera D, West AL, Koster G, Akomo P, Talbert AW, Goss VM, Ngari M, Thitiri J, Ndoro S, Knight MA, Omollo K, Ndungu A, Mulongo MM, Bahwere P, Fegan G, Warner JO, Postle AD, Collins S, Calder PC, Berkley JA
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Endotoxaemia is common in children with Plasmodium falciparum malaria.Olupot-Olupot P, Urban BC, Jemutai J, Nteziyaremye J, Fanjo HM, Karanja H, Karisa J, Ongodia P, Bwonyo P, Gitau EN, Talbert A, Akech S, Maitland K
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Diarrhoea complicating severe acute malnutrition in Kenyan children: a prospective descriptive study of risk factors and outcome.Talbert A, Thuo N, Karisa J, Chesaro C, Ohuma E, Ignas J, Berkley JA, Toromo C, Atkinson S, Maitland K
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Clinical indicators of bacterial meningitis among neonates and young infants in rural Kenya.Mwaniki MK, Talbert AW, Njuguna P, English M, Were E, Lowe BS, Newton CR, Berkley JA
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Congenital and neonatal malaria in a rural Kenyan district hospital: an eight-year analysis.Mwaniki MK, Talbert AW, Mturi FN, Berkley JA, Kager P, Marsh K, Newton CR
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The prognostic value of dipstick urinalysis in children admitted to hospital with severe malnutrition.Thuo N, Ohuma E, Karisa J, Talbert A, Berkley JA, Maitland K
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