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Primary health care in practice: usual source of care and health system performance across 14 countries.Croke K, Moshabela M, Kapoor NR, Doubova SV, Garcia-Elorrio E, HaileMariam D, Lewis TP, Mfeka-Nkabinde GN, Mohan S, Mugo P, Nzinga J, Prabhakaran D, Tadele A, Wright KD, Kruk ME
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'We were treated like we are nobody': a mixed-methods study of medical doctors' internship experiences in Kenya and Uganda.Zhao Y, Mbuthia D, Gathara D, Nzinga J, Tweheyo R, English M
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Measuring people's views on health system performance: Design and development of the people's voice survey.Lewis TP, Kapoor NR, Aryal A, Bazua-Lobato R, Carai S, Clarke-Deelder E, Croke K, Dayalu R, Espinoza-Pajuelo L, Fink G, Garcia PJ, Garcia-Elorrio E, Getachew T, Jarhyan P, Kassa M, Kim SA, Mazzoni A, Medina-Ranilla J, Mohan S, Molla G, Moshabela M, Naidoo I, Nzinga J, Oh J, Okiro EA, Prabhakaran D, Roberti J, SteelFisher G, Taddele T, Tadele A, Wang X, Xu R, Leslie HH, Kruk ME
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Correction: Examining the absorption of post-internship medical officers into the public sector at county-level in devolved Kenya: a qualitative case study.Zhao Y, Mbuthia D, Munywoki J, Gathara D, Nicodemo C, Nzinga J, English M
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The hidden emotional labour behind ensuring the social value of research: Experiences of frontline health policy and systems researchers based in Kenya during COVID-19.Nzinga J, Oliwa J, Oluoch D, Jepkosgei J, Mbuthia D, Boga M, Musitia P, Ogola M, Muinga N, Muraya K, Hinga A, Kamuya D, Kelley M, Molyneux S
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Examining the absorption of post-internship medical officers into the public sector at county-level in devolved Kenya: a qualitative case study.Zhao Y, Mbuthia D, Munywoki J, Gathara D, Nicodemo C, Nzinga J, English M
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Exploring the complex realities of nursing work in Kenya and how this shapes role enactment and practice-A qualitative study.Mbuthia D, Brownie S, Jackson D, McGivern G, English M, Gathara D, Nzinga J
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Health system leadership development in selected African countries: challenges and opportunities..Gilson L, Nzinga J, Orgill M, Belrhiti Z
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Evaluating the role of breastfeeding peer supporters' intervention on the inpatient management of malnourished infants under 6 months in Kenyan public hospitals.Mwangome M, de Colombi NF, Chabeda S, Mumbo E, Jemutai J, Tsofa B, Nzinga J, Jones C
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Service delivery reform for maternal and newborn health in Kakamega County, Kenya: study protocol for a prospective impact evaluation and implementation science study.Croke K, Gage A, Fulcher I, Opondo K, Nzinga J, Tsofa B, Haneuse S, Kruk M
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Improving facility-based care: eliciting tacit knowledge to advance intervention design.English M, Nzinga J, Oliwa J, Maina M, Oluoch D, Barasa E, Irimu G, Muinga N, Vincent C, McKnight J
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Experiences of and response to the COVID-19 pandemic at private retail pharmacies in Kenya: a mixed-methods study.Mugo PM, Mumbi A, Munene D, Nzinga J, Molyneux S, Barasa E, PSK COVID- Response Taskforce
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Understanding intra- and interprofessional team and teamwork processes by exploring facility-based neonatal care in kenyan hospitals.Jepkosgei J, English M, Adam MB, Nzinga J
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Exploring healthcare workers' perceptions on the use of morbidity and mortality audits as an avenue for learning and care improvement in Kenyan hospitals' newborn units.Jepkosgei J, Nzinga J, Adam MB, English M
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Value of stakeholder engagement in improving newborn care in Kenya: a qualitative description of perspectives and lessons learned.Nzinga J, Jones C, Gathara D, English M
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An innovative leadership development initiative to support building everyday resilience in health systems.Nzinga J, Boga M, Kagwanja N, Waithaka D, Barasa E, Tsofa B, Gilson L, Molyneux S
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