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Randomised controlled trial of fosfomycin in neonatal sepsis: pharmacokinetics and safety in relation to sodium overload.Obiero CW, Williams P, Murunga S, Thitiri J, Omollo R, Walker AS, Egondi T, Nyaoke B, Correia E, Kane Z, Gastine S, Kipper K, Standing JF, Ellis S, Sharland M, Berkley JA, NeoFosfo Study Group
Arch Dis Child, (2022). 107:802-810

Clinical features to distinguish meningitis among young infants at a rural Kenyan hospital.Obiero CW, Mturi N, Mwarumba S, Ngari M, Newton C, Boele van Hensbroek M, Berkley JA
Arch Dis Child, (2021). 106:130-136

Prediction modelling of inpatient neonatal mortality in high-mortality settings.Aluvaala J, Collins G, Maina B, Mutinda C, Waiyego M, Berkley JA, English M
Arch Dis Child, (2020). 106:449-54

Emergency fluid bolus therapy studies: first do no harm.Maitland K
Arch Dis Child, (2019). 104:409-410

Linear growth following complicated severe malnutrition: 1-year follow-up cohort of Kenyan children.Ngari MM, Iversen PO, Thitiri J, Mwalekwa L, Timbwa M, Fegan GW, Berkley JA
Arch Dis Child, (2019). 104:229-235

Mass antibiotic distribution to reduce mortality among preschool children?.Berkley JA
Arch Dis Child, (2019). 104:227-228

Nocturnal haemoglobin oxygen desaturation in urban and rural East African paediatric cohorts with and without sickle cell anaemia: a cross-sectional study.L'Esperance VS, Ekong T, Cox SE, Makani J, Newton CR, Soka D, Komba A, Kirkham FJ, Hill CM
Arch Dis Child, (2016). 101:352-5

Randomised trials in developing countries.Berkley JA
Arch Dis Child, (2014). 99:607-8

Continuous EEG monitoring in Kenyan children with non-traumatic coma.Gwer S, Idro R, Fegan G, Chengo E, Garrashi H, White S, Kirkham FJ, Newton CR
Arch Dis Child, (2012). 97:343-9

The prognostic value of dipstick urinalysis in children admitted to hospital with severe malnutrition.Thuo N, Ohuma E, Karisa J, Talbert A, Berkley JA, Maitland K
Arch Dis Child, (2010). 95:422-6

Developing and introducing evidence based clinical practice guidelines for serious illness in Kenya.Irimu G, Wamae A, Wasunna A, Were F, Ntoburi S, Opiyo N, Ayieko P, Peshu N, English M
Arch Dis Child, (2008). 93:799-804

Health systems research in a low-income country: easier said than done.English M, Irimu G, Wamae A, Were F, Wasunna A, Fegan G, Peshu N
Arch Dis Child, (2008). 93:540-4

Risk factors for persisting neurological and cognitive impairments following cerebral malaria.Idro R, Carter JA, Fegan G, Neville BG, Newton CR
Arch Dis Child, (2006). 91:142-8

Are bedside features of shock reproducible between different observers?.Otieno H, Were E, Ahmed I, Charo E, Brent A, Maitland K
Arch Dis Child, (2004). 89:977-9

Capillary refill: prognostic value in Kenyan children.Pamba A, Maitland K
Arch Dis Child, (2004). 89:950-5

Abnormal blood glucose concentrations on admission to a rural Kenyan district hospital: prevalence and outcome.Osier FH, Berkley JA, Ross A, Sanderson F, Mohammed S, Newton CR
Arch Dis Child, (2003). 88:621-5

Causes and outcome of young infant admissions to a Kenyan district hospital.English M, Ngama M, Musumba C, Wamola B, Bwika J, Mohammed S, Ahmed M, Mwarumba S, Ouma B, McHugh K, Newton C
Arch Dis Child, (2003). 88:438-43

Intracranial hypertension in Africans with cerebral malaria.Newton CR, Crawley J, Sowumni A, Waruiru C, Mwangi I, English M, Murphy S, Winstanley PA, Marsh K, Kirkham FJ
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Interobserver variation in respiratory signs of severe malaria.English M, Murphy S, Mwangi I, Crawley J, Peshu N, Marsh K
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Brain swelling and ischaemia in Kenyans with cerebral malaria.Newton CR, Peshu N, Kendall B, Kirkham FJ, Sowunmi A, Waruiru C, Mwangi I, Murphy SA, Marsh K
Arch Dis Child, (1994). 70:281-7