Title :

Oxamniquine pharmacokinetics in healthy Kenyan African volunteers

Abstract :

Oxamniquine pharmacokinetics were studied following oral administration of 750, 1000 mg or 1250 mg (equivalent to approximately 15 mg/kg) to five healthy Kenyan African volunteers. Peak plasma concentrations ranging between 1 and 4.3 mg/1 were achieved 1 to 4 h after dosing. The estimated mean elimination half-life (t1/2) was 2.2 h. Despite the limited number of subjects in the study, it is concluded that the pharmacokinetics of oxamniquine in healthy Kenyan Africans do not markedly differ from those in Africans from other regions of the continent where previous studies have been reported.

Authors :

Kokwaro, G. O., Taylor, G.

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Journals :

East Afr Med J