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Overview and Development of the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance Determination of Cause of Death (DeCoDe) Process and DeCoDe Diagnosis Standards.

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Blau, D.M., Caneer, J.P., Philipsborn, R.P., Madhi, S.A., Bassat, Q., Varo, R., Mandomando, I., 
Igunza, K.A., Kotloff, K.L., Tapia, M.D., Johnstone, S., Chawana, R., Rahman, A., El Arifeen, S., 
Onyango, D., Kaiser, R., Seale, A.C., Assefa, N., Morris, T., Raghunathan, P.L., Breiman, R.F.

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Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2019